What Is The White Pvc Pipe In My Yard?

Getting a new house can bring with it many challenges. While they vary in size and severity we’d usually like to clear them as soon as possible or at least gather some insight. Among our concerns are leftover items within and outside of our house. One such are white PVC pipes that we see in our yards.

What is the white PVC pipe in my yard?


The white PVC pipes in yards are sewer backflow pipes. They stick out to provide access to plumbers when your pipes need to be dealt with. The most common use is in preventing sewage from entering your home when clogs form. Instead of pouring out of your sink, accumulating sewage will fill up the sewer backflow pipe. [2]

With this pipe, unclogging is made far easier. The pipe can be opened and emptied, potentially removing the clog, as well as offering a point from which plumbers can better survey the pipes.

Even if plumbers are working with highly capable tools such as sewer inspection cameras the clogs could pose issues. If the camera is sent into the pipes from the house end of the pipe, it could end up being unable to penetrate the layer of accumulated materials. However, that clog can be avoided by surveying from the backflow sewer pipe part.

Septic pipe sticking out of ground


When your septic pipe is sticking out of the ground you may run into some issues you wouldn’t have expected otherwise. [4]

The most frequent one occurs during yard maintenance. While actions like mowing your own or detailing shrubs can be reduced down to straightforward and simple tasks, the interference of septic pipes can be something that slows the process down. The pipe won’t allow us to get a good clean cut on the grass around it. We also risk damaging it with our lawnmower’s blades so caution is the most usual path to take.

Said caution can include ignoring the grass around the pipe or taking smaller tools to accomplish the job. Either way, it affects our yard maintenance which is why most people prefer dealing with the problem permanently instead of constantly skimming around the pipe.

After all, not taking care of grass around the area can result in grass growing too thick or even spreading onto the pipe. Other plants that could be present near it could take advantage of the pipe’s vicinity to invade it. While PVC pipes are usually resistant enough to endure potential intrusions, it is possible that they’ll fail to stand up to the task.

Especially if the pipe has been damaged by a lawnmower or some other tool. Danger of accidental damage further increases if your pipe is made out of other materials. [5]

Those pipes that are easier to damage can quickly end up being a real hassle to patch up and avoid. We suggest paying extra care when faced with these types of pipes. If possible, you should eventually replace the system with sturdier pipes too. Otherwise, the problems could become widespread instead of localized to this pipe.

Regardless, any sort of plant entering our sewer pipes could cost a lot .While tree roots in sewer pipes are a generally problematic one, any form of material that could lead to clogging is also not desirable.

If they form around the water backflow pipe, these plants could make clogs even more difficult to deal with.

Any damage to the pipe can cause further issues within our yard. If the pipe isn’t already filled with sewage from the clog further down the line, the most immediate effect will be bad smells that rise up from the ground and escape through the damaged area. However, if your pipes are already experiencing issues with clogs and accumulating debris, the damage could lead to sewage spilling out into your backyard.

Once this happens, the negative effects of our yard can further be felt. The stench is an obvious one, there is no way not to notice a stench of sewage in your vicinity. However, pools of sewage water are another concern to consider.

There are plentiful cases with these pooling sewage areas that can lead to other problems. These include water damage to nearby concrete or disturbing the soil around them.

Large PVC pipe sticking out of ground


What is the white PVC pipe in my yard

While the importance of the pipe itself shouldn’t be underestimated, it isn’t the prettiest sight and could get in our way. First, we’ll look into different ways that help conceal it before looking at some resolutions for when it becomes a nuisance.

Paint it

The easiest way to make the pipe stick out less is by painting it into something more appealing. Although most people go with the camouflage option and paint it green, it’s not hard to think up more interesting patterns. As well as easier to discern ones, camouflaged pipes could become a tripping hazard.

Pick a color that fits your fence or the color of the house’s walls. Tones that fit other parts of the yard may also work or you could even choose to paint it something neutral.[6]

Cover it

The idea of covering the pipe should be taken with a bit more care. It’s possible to disturb the pipe itself if the job is done crudely and some materials are just not a good cover.

First, explore what’s a safe cover for the pipe. After the investigation is done, parcel off the wanted section around the pipe to cover. It’s fruitful to manage the grass growth if possible, either by cutting it lower than the rest or even removing it if it’s already decently spotty.

Now the question is what you should cover the item with. The fanciest approach on the market is usually trellis. [7]

These frames can be used either as pure visual blockage or as support for climbing plants that have already matured. Regardless, they are a great source of cover.

Alternatively, if you fancy neither a regular bucket as a cover or a fancy trellis, you can resort to hiding it with a plant. Shrubbery is great source of concealment and does wonders to enhance the feeling of fullness in your yard. Of course, do protect the pipe directly too as damage from outgrowing branches could occur.

Large PVC pipe sticking out of ground


The issues of these pipes sticking out of the ground become greater when the pipe itself is rather large. The larger pipes can impact a much larger area and stick out far more. These pipes should probably be dealt with as soon as possible in a manner you see fit. The ways to cover them have been elaborated on before but you could employ a few more solutions if the pipe is a bit too big.

The key solution being that the pipe can be concealed with furniture now. Using a hollow table to set around the pipe, you can enhance the overall sitting experience in your yard while concealing the pipe. The white PVC pipe outside house can be removed from sight this way without even taking much effort.

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With all that said and done, it’s important to note that pipes we see in our yard are important parts of the sewer system that serve a purpose, or part of a water system in some cases.  If you wish to fully remove them or relocate them it could take you a lot more effort than the suggestions we’ve put up here which focus on masking them.

Of course, the coverage of these pipes can be a great excuse to do some renovating around the yard and really make it pop. While some may be discouraged from doing so due to the extra engagement, we believe it allows you to engage and employ some interesting ideas that could change the entire feel of the yard.

In case that doesn’t appeal to you, there is always the simple solution of putting something neutral over it, akin to a bucket, to make it less of an eyesore. We hope you’ve gotten to understand these pipes better with our assistance and have found a good solution to obfuscate them.