Why is Water Coming Out of Ground in Yard?

Enjoying a lush green lawn anytime you want is the dream of many Americans. This is why so many people opt to live in a house rather than in an apartment. However, that perfect green grass in your yard does not grow by itself. And it can also be affected by all kinds of problems. One of those issues is water coming out of ground in yard. Not only that water surplus will kill the grass, but is also an indicator of other problems.

In this post you will find out what causes water leaks in your yard and how to fix them.

Water Coming out of Ground in Yard – 5 Common Signs


Water coming out of ground in front yard may not be so obvious, especially during dry seasons. If you are busy, you may not even notice leaks as they could dry out fast in the scorching sun.

Such issues are more easily observed in rainy weather. For instance, you could deal with water coming up from ground after heavy rain.

Here are some signs indicating there is a leak underground:

  • Patches of greener grass

Did you notice that some areas of your lawn are greener than others? This means there is more underground water in there. There could also be organic matter from a cracked drain pipe, serving as a fertilizer for plants.

  • Small puddles in your yard

Rule out rain and overwatering from your sprinklers. If these two causes are eliminated, the only explanation could be water seeping from underground.

  • Bad smell

Water leaks in your yard tend to smell unpleasant. Oftentimes, the water is coming from the sewer or the drainage pipes, and will obviously cause a stink.

  • Water coming out when you apply pressure

Can’t tell if the soil is moist from rain or a leak? Push down on the grass and see if excess water pushes back up.

  • Water leak sounds

In some cases, you may even be able to hear water spraying out of the pipes. If you suspect a sewer line leak, try to catch a subtle hissing sound coming from underground.

What causes water to come out of the ground in your yard?ground_collapsed_around_sewer_line.jpeg

Surprisingly, water coming out of ground in yard can have more causes than you imagine. Excess water in your yard can have one of the following causes:

  • Broken water line

If the incoming water line is broken, at least those puddles forming on your lawn won’t stink.

However, this is a problem that needs to be attended to ASAP. Otherwise, your water bill will skyrocket without you even being able to take a proper shower due to low pressure.

  • Leaking sprinkler heads

Your sprinkler system can leak, either from a pipe of from a sprinkler head. The water flow is not huge, but in time it adds up and causes serious problems.

  • Cracked or collapsed drain lines

An old drain line can crack and break, releasing raw sewage into the soil. These leaks are dangerous because they can contaminate ground water and represent a health hazard.

  • Damaged gutters and downspouts

If downspouts don’t point water runoff to the designed area, water can pool in various places in your yard. Check for roof drainage issues if you can’t find a cause underground.

  • Having a natural spring on your property

Natural springs are more common on hillsides and in areas with marine clay soils. Don’t be upset as a spring offers great environmental benefits and you can easily capitalize on it. Spring water coming out of ground could actually be a good thing.

  • Dealing with high groundwater

Soggy spots that last for months can be caused by high groundwater.[1] You can confirm this by reading a soil map of your region. [2]

How can you get rid of the problem?


The method and cost to fix water leak in yard depends on the cause of the problem. Here are some of the measures you might need to take:

  • Fixing broken sewer lines

The leak is coming from a sewage line? You will need to dig down to the line and fix it.

If you want to avoid disruptions before and after repair and damage to your landscape, call a trenchless repair professional. Trenchless pipe lining is an ingenious method enabling you to repair pipes without damage to your lawn, floors, or walls. Benefits of this method include no excavation required, lower repair costs, and completing the replacement a lot faster.

  • Having your main water line repaired

Broken water lines happen and can feel like a huge calamity. These lines are under pressure, which means they are subject to more stress. Moreover, when the breakage occurs, water will flow rapidly into the ground and turn your yard into a swamp.

The first step you need to take is to shut off the water. You may even have to do this from the main water supply located by the street.

If your water is supplied by the municipality, you will need to call the water company. If you use water from your personal well, the problem is yours to solve. Solutions are similar to the previous point. At least there is less mess to deal with when repairing a clean water pipe.

  • Fixing your sprinkler system

Once you detect the leak, the repair is easy. You need to replace the defective sprinkler or pipe. The good thing about a leaking sprinkler system is that pipes are close to the surface. This means you will spend less time digging and the repair time is considerably shorter.

  • Redirecting your natural spring

Water is coming from a natural spring? You can either transform it into an amenity for your landscape or capture the runoff. You can redirect the water away from your lawn so you put an end to the flooding.

  • Dealing with high groundwater in a natural manner

Why fight Mother Nature when you can adapt to it? Some simple and effective fixes are planting water-tolerant species and building an underground drainage system.

  • Checking roof drainage

You haven’t cleaned your gutters in ages? Get your ladder and do a thorough inspection of your gutters. All kinds of debris can accumulate there, such as leaves, dead animals, and dirt. Once rainwater is redirected, water will not leak out of the gutters anymore and on your lawn.

Why should you take measures when water comes out of the ground?


Too busy to deal with water coming out of ground by yourself? You should not neglect this problem and instead take measures from the very first signs. You can also call an expert to handle it, whether it’s a plumber or a landscaping engineer. The lack of intervention could lead to:

  • Damaged lawn

This is often the first downside of neglecting drainage issues in your yard. Excess water, no matter what its source is, will eventually damage your grass and cause its slow death.

  • Damaged house foundation

If water pools around your house foundation for a long time, it can cause damage to it. The walls can also be affected and mildew will start to develop inside the house.

  • Water coming from ground in basement

Water coming from ground in basement is a sign that groundwater is close to the surface. In this situation, using a sump pump is a must.

  • Mosquitoes breeding in your yard

Standing water during the summer months provides the perfect environment for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. These pestering insects represent a serious health hazard, as they can transmit multiple diseases.

  • Huge water bills

When the leak is coming from your main water line, your water bills can become astronomical. Close the water line immediately and take measures to repair the pipe.

  • Contaminated groundwater

Sewage water usually leaks slowly in the ground, but this doesn’t mean it’s less dangerous. The water is not treated and will release hazardous substances into the ground and groundwater.

Is water coming out of ground in yard?

There are multiple reasons why this could happen. No matter what the cause is, this kind of problem requires your immediate attention.