Rheem vs Ruud

Rheem vs Ruud – Which brand is more competitive in 2023?

When it comes to keeping your home comfortable year-round, choosing the right heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is essential. With numerous brands on the market, each claiming to be the best, it can be challenging to make an informed decision.

However, if you’re narrowing down your options and have come across the names Rheem and Ruud, you’re in the right place.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the debate of “Rheem vs Ruud” to help you determine which brand is better suited to meet your HVAC needs. So, let’s jump right into the world of heating and cooling systems and see how these two industry giants stack up against each other.

Rheem vs Ruud brand


Rheem and Ruud are two brands belonging to The Paloma Group. Rheem Manufacturing Company provides commercial and residential heating, air conditioning, and ventilation equipment for locations of any scale. [1]

The Ruud brand exists as a way to signify to buyers which of the items on offer are generic brands and which are premium. The premium ones will carry the Rheem name instead of Ruud.

The main difference between the two is price. Rheem brand means pricier water heaters with more expensive components while Ruud has better prices through a more budgeted approach to components.

However, that doesn’t mean you cannot find cheap Rheem water heaters, only that they’ll usually be put under the Ruud brand instead.

As we will see below, these differences are frequently expressed in Rheem being costlier but higher in quality. This doesn’t mean Ruud won’t perform well, just not as well as Rheem.

Rheem vs Ruud Tankless Water Heaters


It’s rather standard for just about any home to have a hot water heater. Washing dishes, cleaning the house, and many other daily tasks rely on the consistent presence of hot water in our homes.

That’s why manufacturers such as Rheem and Ruud focus a lot on providing accessible yet high-quality items with their catalog of hot water heaters. Below, we will see how they compare to each other.

Rheem Hot Water Heaters

When purchasing a water heater it’s important to make sure it’ll last us a long while while also being fitting for our household. After all, the sizes on offer from certain manufacturers may be too big for our home or too small for our needs. That’s why the first concern with Rheem hot water heaters is the expansiveness of their catalog.

Thankfully, Rheem doesn’t falter in this regard. Rheem hot water heaters come in a ton of different sizes. On top of that, Rheem water heaters focus on being compact.

Whether you are picking up a water heater with or without a tank doesn’t matter, this manufacturer makes both. Tank water heaters, as per usual, will require more space solely due to the presence of the water tank. Of course, with the compact sizing that space requirement will be reduced heavily.

However, no matter how small a water tank is it’ll always be bigger than having none. With the tankless water heater, space becomes even less of an issue.

A hybrid option is also there, for those who wish to utilize a bit of both.

Rheem water heaters are somewhat costly, usually sticking out in this department when compared to competition. This increase in cost isn’t unwarranted.

These water heaters do use aluminum pipes rather than copper ones which immediately leads to a spike in production cost. The cost is also made up for with the high efficiency of these models. However, keep in mind that Rheem’s pricing is still affordable compared to some brands it has faced before.  [2]

Longevity is where Rheem truly excels. Those extra dollars spent on purchasing one of these water heaters are made up for with the extra years the hot water heater will live through. The manufacturer firmly believes in their craft, offering long warranties for their models.

There are different warranties with different lengths available for Rheem water heaters, the highest one lasting 15 years. The duration of your warranty can be verified on the official site.  [3]

Rheem water heaters do have one other issue to consider besides the high price. This being the high maintenance requirement for their items. Just installing the water heater from Rheem can be a complex process, requiring experienced plumbers to avoid mistakes.

After that, it’s all about taking time to learn how to clean these water heaters properly. While certain manufacturers aim to make both installation and maintenance a small concern, Rheem has its eyes set on performance which is why this downside crops up.

Durability of these water heaters is incredibly potent. We’ve discussed longevity already and it alone is worth the price of the items.

However, it’s worthwhile to note that physical and chemical resistance of these water heaters is through the roof. Rheem water heaters can sustain heavy physical impact with little issue, operating as normal after it.

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Ruud hot water heaters

Ruud shares some basic similarities with Rheem. The wide selection of different sizes being the first one. After all, this is an important category to excel in before even considering the other ones. Without a good number of choices to pick from, it’s easy to end up ignoring the manufacturer’s catalog completely.

If they aren’t fit for our home then there’s no purpose in looking into it. Rheem offers a decent enough catalog which can accommodate different needs and situations.

Cost of Ruud hot water heaters is much more approachable than that of Rheem water heaters. The reasoning behind it being the copper pipes this hot water heater is composed of. They are cheaper to implement and use than the aluminum ones so it makes sense that the price drops too.

Longevity is a concern that persists no matter what water heater manufacturer we look into. After all, if they will break in a few years then that money is better spent investing into something that’ll last for a far longer amount of time. As far as Ruud water heaters are concerned, longevity is no problem.

These water heaters will often work for over a decade without needing replacements. Ruud water heaters excel to the point they can approach Rheem ones in terms of longevity but the copper construction usually wears off sooner than the aluminum one.

The concern of high maintenance is present with Ruud water heaters too. Those who are looking for easy to install and clean water heaters will be disappointed by the amount of effort these water heaters require. On the other hand, if you are willing to spend time on these water heaters you’ll find them well worth the effort.

Durability has the same differing factor as longevity where Rheem  water heaters will usually outlast Ruud based on quality of materials alone.

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Rheem vs Ruud Air Conditioner


Air conditioners are a frequent sight in most modern households. They are a great way of regulating temperature without having to employ different devices for cooling and heating.

With the Rheem and Ruud air conditioners, we’ll be checking how they perform and how much they cost as well as whether there are any issues common to them.

Rheem AC

In terms of performance, Rheem air conditioners offer some spectacular results. The heat pump models they utilize are present in one, two, and three-stage operating systems. This gives you extra flexibility during purchase but it doesn’t end there.

There are 11 options to choose from when using your Rheem air conditioner. These options can heavily modify the effectiveness and strength of the air conditioner while helping you adjust it to the current weather. Rheem has showcased the usefulness of this technology in another comparison too.

Efficiency of these air conditioners are another concern. Having weak efficiency will mean expanding a lot of electrical energy and taking too long to heat up a room. The efficiency of Rheem air conditioners doesn’t lack in this department being rather efficient no matter the season.

Price is once again a concern when discussing Rheem. Just like their water heaters, their air conditioners are on the more expensive side. Especially when compared to Ruud. However, we should take into account that cost does bring with itself merits so whether or not it pays off depends on the requirements and application with your home.

Ruud AC

Ruud has a selection of air conditioners that’s similar to Rheem. The differences do crop up as soon as we scratch the surface.

Ruud’s heat pumps aren’t slacking behind Rheem ones in any considerable manner. They do still offer a very good operating power.

The price of Ruud air conditioners is far more approachable as per usual. They are considered the most affordable ones on the market even which means they surpass Rheem ones in term of affordability.

The efficiency is still very good, boasting a decent SEER rating. This rating describes how well the item does during seasons. For Ruud models, basic SEER is 15.5. That’s a pretty good middle of the line value, especially considering the affordability Ruud brand brings.  [4]

Ruud brand does sometimes struggle with some leakage and clogging. If you opt for this brand, it’s smart to read up on these problems and their solutions.


As discussed before, Rheem is frequently the more expensive of the two. The premium benefits of it come through in many different forms. Longevity being one of them as Rheem usually manages to outlast the Ruud models by a few years. Durability is a given considering the more durable materials used within the models.

Of course, Ruud isn’t falling that far behind in quality so if you aren’t looking for the premium experience they will serve you well. After all, the whole reason for Ruud’s existence is to provide a generic brand for models manufactured by Rheem.


In terms of warranty there’s a scant difference between the two brands. They are offered by the same manufacturer and it doesn’t seem like the manufacturer finds either of lesser ability to excel for a long amount of time. The warranties may vary but for both of these brands they go up to 15 years.

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The two brands are rather similar, owing to them being tied to the same manufacturer. Either will provide a worthwhile experience no matter what item you are looking for but there are obvious differences to take into account.

The first one being that Rheem water heaters are premium. They will cost more than the average water heater due to all the additional efficiency found within it. While they are sometimes matched by Ruud ones, Rheem products still have an edge in terms of durability and quality.

However, if you are somebody who’s unable to afford Rheem products, Ruud will do just fine. They aim to offer the best possible experience at the lowest possible price. That means the power of the item isn’t impacted too much while price will go down.

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