Rheem vs Lennox 

Choosing between Rheem VS Lennox air conditioners when purchasing a new one is not an easy task.

There are plenty of diverse opinions on each of these products and this can confuse any new buyer.

Luckily, this article marks an end to your worries.

Continue reading as we carefully analyze each feature of both Rheem and Lennox AC units in this article.

Rheem VS Lennox Air Conditioner Comparison


While both Rheem and Lennox are reputable companies, there are some feature differences in their air conditioning systems.

Rheem HVAC systems have been in the heating and cooling business since the 1920s. [1] One of their first air conditioner, called Rheemaire, came out in 1954. This company actually started with producing water heaters and has since the 1960s expanded to air conditioners for commercial and residential use.

Lennox, also a company for HVAC products, was founded in 1895. Since this company has been working for decades, it has the greatest number of AC models in this industry. [2]

Because of that, Lennox offers a great deal of ACs of different sizes and performances.More importantly, bot Rheem and Lennox offer a range of air conditioners categorized in a set of different series.

Rheem VS Lennox Air Conditioner Series


A set of different models in each of these series also indicates a set of different cost and performance levels.

For example, Rheem offers:

  • The Value Series
  • The Classic Series 
  • The Prestige Series

The air conditioners from The Value Series offer 3 different models with some surprising specifications. Two of them are single-stage units and one is a two-stage unit. [3]

The models from The Classic Series are two models with single-stage units. These models are middle-ranking both in performance and price-wise.

The Prestige Series offers one single-stage unit and two 2-stage units. Lastly, this series also offers two 2-stage units with a unique Rheem’s Comfort Control2 System.

The Rheem Comfort Control2 System provides optimal energy efficiency, better performance, and improved comfort.

On the other hand, Lennox offers:

  • The Merit Series
  • The Elite Series
  • The Dave Lennox (Signature) Series

Lennox Merit Series are considered basic series, the Elite Series is better, and The Signature Series is considered the best.

The Merit Series has 4 single-stage models. This is also the case for The Elite Series, except they also have two-stage models and ones with variable capacity.

The Dave Lennox Signature Collection contains 3 models that are single-stage, two-stage, and with variable capacity.

When it comes to further differences between these 3 series, they come down to SEER Rating (or efficiency) and aluminum coils. Let’s dive deeper into what these features mean.

Rheem Air Conditioner Features 

When compared to other products, Rheem air conditioners get high ratings from customers because of their set of features.

With initial turbo settings, Rheem air conditioners offer instant cooling with its mechanism. It has a thermostat that allows customers to control the air conditioner with the use of the smartphone.

They come with advanced onboard diagnostics which helps HVAC technicians troubleshoot any problems that may arise.

On selected air conditioners, there are also noise-canceling sound blankets on compressors. Also, some of Rheem’s air conditioners have easy access panels with pressure controls.

It can cost from $3,100 to $4,000 to install a Rheem air conditioner. However, keep in mind that the cost of AC unit installation largely depends on the size of your home.

As mentioned previously, they come with single-stage and two-stage operations.

A single-stage works with an on&off cycle that operates in order to maintain a certain temperature. A two-stage has a second cycle that kicks in only in really high temperatures.

Rheem air conditioners have scroll compressors, which are known for their reliability and efficiency. Also, they are pretty quiet when operating.

This silent operating system is also achieved with a grill design with the purpose to minimize air friction.

All Rheem units are Energy Star rated, which means they are highly valued for their efficiency by their customers. [4]

Last but not least, Rheem air conditioners use an environmentally-friendly refrigerant R-410A.

All of these features together make Rheem air conditioners a reliable and energy-efficient option that delivers top performance.

Lennox Air Conditioner Features 

Lennox air conditioners are also highly rated and valued HVAC products, which makes it difficult to decide between the two.

Lennox air conditioners really maximize energy efficiency, which is especially the case with some of them from the Signature Series.

This is because they work with the home solar energy system called Lennox SunSource. These types of Lennox air conditioners come with solar panels and are partially powered by them.

Every AC from Lennox company is certified for efficiency – with the Energy Star. You won’t ever have a leak or a clogged drain line with these AC units.

They offer variable compressors and are one of the very few companies to do so. This feature serves to both maximize efficiency and comfort.

The Lennox single-stage compressors in air conditioners also run on&off – meaning they turn off once they achieve cooling the room.

Two-stage compressors, on the other hand, run with variable-capacity units.

All their compressors run at the lowest capacity needed to cool the room, therefore maximizing efficiency. This also cools the room evenly and makes the running of the air conditioner a quieter experience.

Lennox is known to be in the higher place of the price range, but they still offer budget-friendly units too.

Purchasing a Lennox air conditioner typically costs from $3,100 to $7,350.

However, it is advised that homeowners take into account the potential additional price of installation. This can differ depending on the location and size of the home too.

Rheem VS Lennox SEER Ratings 



SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. Researching about the performance of AC units brings about this topic almost inevitably.

In short, SEER stands for the least amount of energy an AC unit has to spend in order to properly cool the room.

Air conditioners with higher SEER ratings are more energy-efficient than the ones with lower SEER ratings. [5]

SEER ratings go from 13 to 22, or from the lower to the higher end ratings.

When it comes to Rheem and Lennox air conditioners, SEER varies from units in different series.

For example, Rheem units in the Value Series range from 16 to 17, while Classic Series range from 16 and higher SEER.Units from Prestige Rheem Series range from 16 to 19.5 in SEER ratings.

On the other hand, Lennox units in Merit Series are rated 14 in SEER. Their Elite Series are rated from 18.5 to 20 SEER, and their Signature Series has a 26 SEER rating.

NOTE THIS: When buying a new AC unit, a SEER rating can be found on a yellow & black sticker.

If you can’t find the SEER rating, you can calculate it yourself with BTU. [6]

Follow this step-by-step to do so:

  • Multiply the BTUs per hour by 1,000. This way you get the total number of BTUs in summer.
  • Next, multiply the number of watts used per hour by 1,000.
  • Finally, divide the BTUs by the watt-hours used in summer, and you get the SEER rating.


Air Conditioning Coils 

Air conditioner models that are highly efficient typically use aluminum coils.

Lennox air condition models come in two different coils. The first one is the already mentioned all-aluminum coil, sometimes called Quantum.

The second type is copper pipes joined to aluminum fins.

The Lennox Quantum coil is available in all 3 series of Lennox air conditioners.Rheem air conditioners have aluminum coils fins bonded to aluminum tubing. Rheem also uses scroll compressors for more efficiency.

These compressors also allow for more silent operation of the unit. Their efficiency is even more improved in humidity control options in some of the models.

Rheem VS Lennox – Which One To Choose? 

Let’s finish off by saying that you most probably won’t make a giant mistake if you purchase either of these two AC units.

Both Rheem and Lennox AC units are highly reputable products, known for their efficiency and the comfort they provide.

When it comes to the price, Rheem is usually cheaper than Lennox products. However, Lennox has more variety, as it offers more products than Rheem does.

Keep in mind that the cost of installation really comes down to the size of your home. You should ultimately be led by your home’s square footage to decide on the size of the AC you’re buying.

For all its models, Rheem offers a 10-year warranty, with a 5-year limited parts warranty. Lennox also offers a 10-year warranty on covered components and a compressor.

The Takeaway 

Comparing features of Rheem VS Lennox AC units leaves us with more options to choose from than we initially thought there were. Both Lennox and Rheem offer high-performance quality units, with differences between the models in their own model series.

Make sure to size the AC unit to the size of your home and choose the unit that fits your lifestyle needs.