Ecosmart vs Rheem

Water heaters play an essential part in our plumbing. We have tankless heaters and those with tanks when it comes to heaters. Ecosmart and Rheem brands specialize in the manufacturing of tankless heaters. But which one is better : Ecosmart vs Rheem?

These two brands of water heaters have offered the market electric water heating options. Most often, gas supply may prove expensive, so you should consider the electric water heaters.

How does Ecosmart compare to Rheem when you need to settle on one brand for your plumbing water heating needs? It wouldn’t be easy for me to tell you to choose one and leave the other. However, it takes more than easy selection to land on the perfect choice when choosing between more than one product.

This article discusses all these two brands and water heating to help you decide which one to choose. If you need to hear from the experts, you have come to the right place.

Ecosmart vs Rheem



Ecosmart Company prides itself in the manufacturing of green energy. This technology aims at producing green energy products that help save energy. Moreover, they guarantee the production of quality, affordable, and efficient green energy products for the consumer.

Since demand for hot water has hit the market, Ecosmart has focused on providing customers with unique water heaters to satisfy their needs.

What makes Ecosmart water heaters unique?

  • The water heaters come with self-modulating technology. What it means, the device adjusts power with the current water flow. This setting implies according to the level of water flowing through the heater, then temperatures change accordingly. So if you use this for the shower, you get to enjoy every bit of it.
  • The heater comes in copper and stainless materials. These materials will guarantee durability, with stainless steel being rust-free.
  • They come with a surprisingly comprehensive warranty cover. For instance, if you settle on the Eco-8 36 model, you will get a lifetime warranty on the electronics, elements, and exchangers. This warranty period will allow you to get the best service from Ecosmart water heaters if you use them for residential purposes.
  • This company also offers a SmartBoost unit. This booster connects to your electric heaters, whether gas or electric, to increase hot water delivery. That means you might get hot water running throughout. If it operates with a tank water heater, it increases the hot water supply from a small tank. You will feel like you had a larger tank with low energy and installation costs.
  • This device also adjusts the power usage and pressure settings providing consistent output. As a result, there will be no spikes in the power usage, as seen in some water heater brands.

Rheem water heater’s unique features

  • It comes with a digital temperature display. This temperature display will allow you to know how to use it effectively with ease.
  • This water heater starts heating up when the water gets turned to low. Therefore, you might turn it low and, after heating, increase the water flow to the desired level.
  • It comes at affordable prices. Moreover, the low prices may help compensate for energy charges.
  • The standard size allows Rheem water heaters to fit in strategic places. You may install it below the sink, which helps reduces the chances of a pipe burn-out

Similarities between Ecosmart and Rheem electric water heater Brands


Having looked at the qualities of these water heaters from the two brands, we may conclude the following similarities.

  • The two heaters use an electric power source
  • The heaters make use of the green energy
  • The two brands provide warranty periods
  • Both two brands produce quality and durable electric tankless water heaters.
  • The current water flows determine the water temperature in both brands
  • The two brands lead in supplying the USA  with electric tankless water heaters. [1]
  • Both heaters might lead to hot water burns to poor-quality plumbing pipes. Instead, consider using high-quality CPVC

Differences between Ecosmart and Rheem brands

  • Ecosmart water heaters come at a higher price than Rheem water heaters.
  • Rheem brand produces its units at a lower price than the Ecosmart brand
  • The Rheem (2) brand uses lower electric power than Ecosmart and boosts energy saving
  • Rheem offers poor warranty conditions as compared to Ecosmart (3). With Ecosmart, you might get a lifetime warranty cover on your water heater, while Rheem offers their warranty for short durations.
  • Ecosmart may be ideal for people with smaller homes, unlike Rheem water heaters. Rheem water heaters may supply hot water to bigger homes effectively all through. Ecosmart water heaters provide hot water for shorter durations and may sometimes require a booster device.
  • Ecosmart water heaters have stainless steel material and will not rust, unlike Rheem, which may start rusting after some years of installation.

Is Ecosmart a good brand?

Over the years, Ecosmart has provided the USA with reliable water heating and cooling systems for both home use and commercial purposes. Its customers have built confidence as it gives ozone-friendly and quality heating and cooling systems. Some products you will find at Ecosmart include:

  • Tankless electric water heaters
  • Tankless gas water heaters
  • Condensing tankless systems
  • Water heater boosters
  • Pool and spa heaters
  • Specialty products

You may need to choose this brand since it brings advanced tankless water heating technology.

Is Rheem a good brand?

Rheem produces quality products too. This brand’s best thing will be affordability and the ability to offer a continuous supply of hot water. You may use it for smaller homes, making it reliable for homeowners.

The only downtime we have realized with Rheem tankless electric water heaters will be the rusting complaints. But if you could use their warranty claims if it happens before the period expires, then you may as well try it out.

Products provided by this brand include?

  • Tankless electric water heaters
  • Cooling systems
  • Pool and spa water heaters
  • Home enhancements

Who makes Ecosmart tankless water heaters?

Ecosmart tankless electric water heaters get manufactured by Eemax (4). This US leading manufacturer of electric and tankless water heating solutions also produces water heaters for Ecosmart. The Ecosmart brand, therefore, exists under Eemax water heater solutions.

What are our opinions on Ecosmart water heater reviews?

If you need an Ecosmart water heater review, I may say this article will work as the best review. From our research on multiple reviews, we may conclude that the public accepts this product as the best.



  • The water temperature gets controlled by the flow of water current, hence easy to regulate
  • Does not rust
  • Has amazing warranty offers
  • Comes with Ecosmart heater boosters



  • It would help if you met the warranty criterion to qualify for warranty coverage.
  • Repair costs might be costly.

Tips to lengthen the lifespan of your water heater


  • Ensure you get the proper installation guidelines
  • Let a specialized plumber do the installation
  • Perform frequent maintenance checks
  • Use the heater appropriately
  • You should purchase your heater from reputable brands

Ecosmart vs Rheem

From our discussion, we may draw some conclusions regarding the two brands.

If you need to get a water heater with reliable water heating abilities, you might buy from Rheem. Ecosmart needs a booster to guarantee a continued hot water supply.

For matters of durability, you might choose Ecosmart over Rheem. Ecosmart water heaters may not rust due to stainless steel material, while Rheem water heaters get the rust risk.

Rheem may provide hot water for a larger area than Ecosmart. So for people with bigger homes, Rheem will be a perfect choice.

Warranties work best, with Ecosmart offering lifetime cover, unlike in Rheem.

Rheem also provides a wider variety of water heaters and related products than Ecosmart.

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Final Verdict

You should purchase from the brand that best suits your needs. Each brand has their strength and weakness. For instance, if you need life insurance, you might go for Ecosmart. But when you need a reliable hot water supply for larger spaces, the Rheem will be your product of choice.

Before purchasing from any brand, sit down and analyze your water heating needs. So, let us know your experience with any of these water heaters in our comment section. If this was a great article, feel free to share it with your friends, and let’s make plumbing fun.

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