Rheem vs Giant (Comparison & Techology)

Because hot water is a basic requirement for you and your family, selecting the appropriate water heater is critical. The durability,  ease of maintenance, and fuel efficiency are the first things to look for in a high-quality water heater. If you find a device that functions well across all of these criteria, you can be confident that you have acquired a high-quality item. So which one is better Rheem vs Giant?

Rheem Water Heaters are reputable products in the market that is capable on all fronts when it comes to high-quality products.

If you have been shopping for a new hot water system, you’ve most likely come across the brands Rheem and Giant, and with good cause. Both are among the most popular heater brands in the United States today.[1]

However, you might be curious about what makes their items so popular. What sets them apart from the numerous other water heater manufacturers? Are Rheem and Giant both decent water heater brands?

Rheem vs Giant


In this article, we compare and contrast Rheem and Giant water heaters with the aim of answering these questions. We’ll consider the advantages and disadvantageous aspects of each product, as well as contrast their fuel efficiency ratings.

Giant water heaters

The Giant Company is a Canadian maker of gas, electric, and gas water heaters, both tank-type and tankless, for use in households and industrial applications for drinkable water and space heating.

From modest point-of-use tank-type and tankless units to enormous, whole-house units, giant water heaters for residential use are available in a variety of groupings and sizes. Smaller variants are ideal for small spaces, such as apartments, cottages, and offices, while larger models are suitable for families of two to three people and can be put in garages, cellars, attics, crawl spaces, and utility rooms.

Giant offers electric water heaters in various capacities, ranging from 2 to 60 gallons. EcoPeak technology’s Cascade and Super Cascade series contain the most modern and high-performing units. Such heaters are referred to as traditional versions, and they are cylindrical-shaped machines with a metal tank for storing hot water.

Floor-standing tank-type and wall-mounted tankless Giant gas water heaters heat water on demand and provide continuous hot water supply for as long as needed. [2]

In addition, Giant offers a hybrid version, a high-performing unit that blends tank-type and tankless technologies into one system, providing higher recovery and efficiency.

Below are outlined some of the best features present on Giant water heaters that distinguish the Giant brand:

  • GREENFOAM technology is an environmentally friendly insulating foam. It also provides excellent fuel efficiency to heating systems that are properly insulated.
  • ECOPEAK technology: Giant has created three water heaters instead of two. As a result, the components are less stressed when heating the water, resulting in a longer lifespan. Furthermore, the combined strength of the three elements allows the water temperature to be quickly raised. Please note that this advanced technology is only available on ECOPEAK water heaters.
  • Defender Safety System technology: a combustion chamber prevents fire from spreading outside of it thanks to a cutting-edge system. Furthermore, this modification does not necessitate any further upkeep [3].

Because of their sophisticated tankless technology and electronics, tankless gas versions are much more complicated [3]. Therefore, most models discussed above are intended for household and light commercial use, although others are designed exclusively for commercial use, such as storage tanks.

Why Choose Rheem Water Heater?

rheem water heater

For decades, Rheem Manufacturing Company has been a leading producer of residential and industrial water heaters HVAC equipment. It is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and is a leading provider of HVAC and heating systems in Canada, the United States, and several other nations across the world.

Rheem did not become a full-fledged maker of water heating systems until 1941, even though the company was founded in 1925. Rheem is also in charge of developing and manufacturing the Ruud brand of water heating systems, which it purchased in 1959 [4].

Rheem is among the largest water heater manufacturers in the United States, offering a wide range of tank, tankless, and solar hot water systems for residential and commercial applications. Condensing Tankless heaters, Tankless electric heaters, mid-efficiency, and industrial heating solutions fall under the Tankless category.

Hybrid, Gas water, Rheem electric water heaters, and Marathon Thermal Tanks are tank heaters, while Solaraide HE series, Solaraide Passive Solar, Solpak, and Universal Solaraide are solar-powered heaters.

Rheem’s zero-waste mission is one of its favorite features [5]. Rheem is an environmentally conscious corporation that pays great attention to how its products affect the environment.

There is a deeper understanding than ever before of the importance of being conscious of how your power use affects the environment. As a result, Rheem has taken the lead in making its products and manufacturing techniques as efficient and eco-friendly as possible.

For nearly a century, Rheem was the industry leader. However, the company has faced rising competition in the recent past as new businesses have emerged [6].

Even so, Rheem’s innovative designs and evolving technological advances still set the company apart. Consequently, you should be able to choose an appropriate water heater whether you dwell in a small apartment or a large family house.

  • Buying Rheem water heaters has several advantages, some of which are listed above.
  • The most significant advantage is that they are all fuel-efficient, allowing you to reduce your heating costs significantly.
  • Another reason why consumers prefer Rheem water heaters is the ease of troubleshooting, durability, and maintenance. This is evidenced by the countless consumer comments on websites that sell their items, with most customers claiming this to be one of the most trustworthy brands.
  • All of the goods have a great warranty and are simple to install.
  • The product’s price range is diverse, so there is something for everyone.

Rheem vs Giant: Verdict

Overall, both Rheem and Giant water heaters are a smart investment, especially because they offer a wide array of solutions to meet various needs and budgets. Ensure you buy from a reputable retailer and keep an eye out for delivery fees, vendor fees (which shouldn’t be levied), discounts, the water heater warranty, and shipping. A few consumers have reported receiving a dented product after delivery, so keep an eye out for any dents or scratches shortly after your Rheem water heater arrives.