16 Things You Must Do When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are the most important aspect of a home which also requires careful planning and implementation when decorating the interior, just as much as you would plan your entire living space. But even after all the planning, you realize and wish there were some other changes you could include or exclude. Remodeling your bathroom may be tricky sometimes, but we are here to help.

Now that the time has come to renovate your bathroom, you can add in (or remove) the things you wanted and get your dream washroom that you so desired.

Since you’ll be spending a considerable amount of time and money, here are some things you can include during your bathroom renovation project.

Built-In or Recessed Storage

To increase more space for your bathroom, try building niches and recessed storage spaces. For instance, soap dishes, medicine cabinets, towel storage all can be kept in recessed cabinets that are built-in the walls. This way you’ll have extra space, and your bathroom will look and feel more breathable.

Consider Low-Flow Toilets

Consider installing low-flow toilets as these models save water whenever you flush. These models also reduce your water bill, and its stylish look gives your bathroom a more contemporary look.

Another model you can consider is the wall-mounted toilet.  This design is suitable for small bathrooms as it saves space and upgrades the value of your bathroom. However, it can be hard to maintain the inner tank.

Add a Digital Water Heater Timer

propane water heater indoor

When developing plans for the bathroom, water heaters are on top of the list of things that must be installed. But since you have to turn it on and off manually, you probably see your utility bills come higher than normal. The reason is due to our human nature; we often forget to turn it off and leave it on for hours or through the entire night.

The solution?

 Consider adding a digital hot water heater timer.

Water heater timers automatically control your water heater, so the next time you leave for work and forget to turn it off, the timer will do it for you. This little piece of technology also reduces your utility bills and saves your water heater from consuming too much energy. 

Upgrade to a Two-Inch Drain Pipe

Typical bathroom drain PVC pipes are around 1 or 1.25 inches in diameter. This is okay if you’re using the shower alone, but if one or more family members use it, the drain pipe will clog fast. Therefore, consider installing a two-inch drain pipe and see how it improves the functionality of your bathroom.

In case of leakage, you can fix the PVC pipe leaks yourself with only a few tools you’ll probably already have in your toolbox. Plus, you get to save a lot of dough.

Decorate With Plants


 Decorating your bathroom with plants gives the room a living and breathing color and looks serene too. You can add a niche space for a small plant by the sink or mount it up on shelves in the wall. 

If your bathroom has space, you can add a medium to big-sized plant by the door or the toilet. 

Ensure Right Ventilation System

After a steamy shower or a really hot bath, your bathroom faces the threat of mold and mildew growing around the corners. The nemesis is: humidity. This is exactly why ventilation systems are a must-needed commodity that every bathroom must have. Exhaust fans are a good ventilation system, but you can also include a window by your shower so the humidity draws out and limits condensation in your bathroom.

Choose Metal Shower Heads Than Plastic

Even if you have good ventilation systems in place, plastic shower heads are more susceptible to mold and mildew growth than metal ones. They may be cheap, but not appropriate for the long run. You’ll find yourself buying shower heads every few months. 

Therefore, consider installing a metal shower head as they’ll last much longer. And whenever possible, clean the shower head once every month to prevent mildew growth.


Bathroom vanity countertops change the way a bathroom looks. White marble countertops will look sleek and modern, while countertops made of dark wood or soapstone will make it look antique and vintage.

So now, as you’re renovating your bathroom, it will be a good time to change your countertop and add some drawers to increase storage space underneath for your towels, hygiene accessories, skin and hair care essentials, etc. Don’t forget to place fixtures that complement your countertop.


There’s no such thing as too much lighting in bathrooms. The more the light, the better. You can add in recessed lighting around the mirrors and in the shower so your baths, shaving, makeup, and anything that requires more light, can be done easily and safely.

In the case of bathtubs, you can add recessed dim lights around the tub area for a more comfortable atmosphere when you sit back, relax and enjoy a warm bath after a long day.

Add Heated Flooring

Bathroom floors become naturally cold, especially during winter. So if you’re considering changing your bathroom flooring when renovating, consider adding heated floors. These are either electric wires or hot water pipes that are installed underneath the floor tiles. This heat then radiates up and warms up your bathroom. This is very useful during winter and in places with colder climates.

Another advantage of heated flooring is that it is inexpensive than a central heating system. In addition, it requires less energy which means low utility bills. 

Add A Recessed Medicine Cabinet

If you haven’t already, then make a niche cabinet for all your medicines and first aid essentials. You can also hide them behind your mirror for easy access. That way, it’ll save space and you don’t have to break down any other part of the walls.

Include Electrical Outlets

If your bathroom electrical outlets were all in the wrong places or weren’t enough, now is the time to place them where you want. For instance, you can add an electrical outlet inside your medicine cabinet for hairdryers, and trimmers, or to charge electric toothbrushes. Likewise, you can place one near your bathtub to charge your phone while listening to music, or charge electric shavers. Basically, you can build them in any convenient location of your choice.

Use Hooks in Unused Spaces

Hooks are a great way to save surface area instead of cluttering your countertop. You can use these at the back of the bathroom door, on the sides of the cabinets or any spaces that are not used but look empty. It can be a great way to keep your things organized, from bathrobes and towels to outfits on a hanger.

Bathroom Wainscoting or Panelling

If you have a big budget and you want a more elegant look for your bathroom, consider using wainscot and beadboard paneling on the lower section of your bathroom walls. Wainscot has several advantages:

  • Provides Insulation
  • Prevents your wall from water damage
  • Easy to install
  • And looks sleek and elegant

You can also use wooden paneling for the rest of your walls to the ceiling to save it from inevitable splashes of water droplets and moisture. Tiles, too, can protect the walls from moisture; the best thing is, you can choose your favorite one from an infinite number of designs. 

Other Accessories


These would range from soap dispensers or toothbrush holders to trash bins and shower or window curtains. Choose the accessories according to the style and design you’ve chosen for your entire bathroom commodities. Also, don’t place too many accessories in your bathroom to look crowded rather than appealing. You want a bathroom that would put your mind to ease, not crowded.

Add Detached Pieces

For instance, if you have space, you can add a chair in the shower for those long, tiring days when you don’t have the energy to stand up. Or maybe a senior family member can use it to shower safely. Other pieces such as a small cupboard can be built to keep your laundry basket in or a basket of kids’ bath toys.

In a Nutshell

 Bathrooms are your personal space. It should be a place to relax after a long day, and with the right design of commodities and perfect ambiance, you’ll never want to leave. So, when renovating your bathroom, remember to add in the essential things but also keep enough space to move about freely. There are many commodities available that’ll help you increase your space and make your bathroom look sleek, elegant and comfortable.