Best Wall Mounted Toilet

Bathroom is a place where a person should feel the most relaxed in their home. As such, you should always choose the best wall mounted toilet for you and for your house.

Bathroom is the first place most people go to when they wake up, and the last one they go to before they go to sleep. Whether you love having a hot shower or if you go to the bathroom just to freshen up, no one can deny the importance of this room.

While having a high-quality furniture for every part of the house is probably everyone’s dream, when it comes to the bathroom, this is an absolute necessity. If you don’t choose the best possible fitting, all hell could break lose!

Having a wall-mounted toilet has become quite popular in the latest years. This is because their modern design has some advantages other models do not.

However, picking the best wall mounted toilet in an oversaturated market can be a challenge. This is why we’ve decided to help you out by picking some of the best products we’ve found.

We’ll also explain a few things you should be mindful off when picking the right wall mounted toilet for you.

Best Wall Mounted Toilet


It’s always a challenge to choose the best wall-mounted toilet or any other product that you’re looking for. However, there are a few items that are better than the rest. We’ll give you our top three picks, so you can choose for yourself:

1. Best Value for the Money– Swiss Madison Wall-Mounted Toilet



  • Quiet opening and closing
  • Elegant design
  • Adjustable height
  • Great for small bathrooms
  • Amazing customer service


  • Low water level
  • Many customers reported issues with the flush option
  • Not great for very heavy people
  • Difficult installation process

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This is likely the best wall-mounted toilet that you can get for such a price range. In fact, Swiss Madison is a company known for producing toilet bowls in various styles, while keeping customer satisfaction as their priority.

The same can be said for this modern-looking toilet that is designed to fit minimalistic design of many homes.

The toilet has a soft close, so not only will this help reduce the noise, but it will help your toilet last longer, as it will reduce the impact force. At the same time, its adjustable height makes it a good fit for many bathrooms and their users.

It can reach 19 inches of height, making it one of the best toilets for tall people, as well.

At the same time, this wall-mounted toilet won’t touch the floor. While this might be an issue for heavy people, it is a great thing when it comes to maintenance.

Cleaning everything has never been easier than when you have a toilet that leaves the floor space open. Not to mention how this gorgeous design is sure to enhance the look of every bathroom!

The best part of it all is that the customer service of Swiss Madison is known to be very open and eager to help everyone who has any questions or problems they want solved. As such, even if some issue arises, you’ll know the company is ready to help you out.

2. Premium pick – KOHLER NY Veil

Premium pick



  • Effortless to clean the toilet and underneath it
  • Seamless design
  • Space-saving design
  • Mounting hardware is concealed
  • Can be serviced without opening the wall


  • Low water level
  • Weak flush
  • Prone to foul odors if not cleaned properly
  • Has to be extremely tightened not to put pressure on the tiles

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KOHLER is another brand known for its high-quality products, as well as for numbers of satisfied customers. This elongated wall mounted toilet bowl is one of their best products so far – but does come with a premium price.

This is a one-piece toilet, so it can be effortless to clean as there will be no crevices or tight spaces for dirt, mold, and mildew to stick to. It has a seamless design that is smooth, without any curves and edges. This also gives it the gorgeously elegant design that will make any bathroom look modern and rich.

The toilet is rather small in size, making it a perfect choice for tight bathrooms or walls that aren’t too thick. In fact, it will occupy about the same place as round bowls.

This also allows flexible installation, as you can install it on several locations. The mounting hardware is entirely concealed, so the bathroom will look clean and sleek even after the installation. The only thing that will be visible are the necessary elements.

The toilet comes in few colors, including white, black, biscuit, and dune. However, next to the fairly expensive price, you’ll also have to purchase a carrier system and a wall tank, which can really add to the expenses.

Just like the Swiss Madison toilet, this one doesn’t stand on the ground, so it’s very easy to clean underneath it. However, this does affect its weight limit.

3. Budget Pick – Duravit Wall Mounted Toilet





  • Toilet seats have to be purchased directly from the manufacturer
  • No special features
  • Some crevices are hard to clean
  • Takes up space

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This is the best wall mounted toilet for people who don’t want to break a buck but still would like to get a great product that will complete its function.

This toilet does just that: It offers elegance, individuality, and functionality, while keeping the price low enough so that many people can find accessible. It is a part of the D-Code collection, which is one of the Duravit’s best-known fixture collections.

The toilet comes with a square bowl that can take up more space than some other models, but this is still less than what a regular toilet would take. Also, it is very comfortable – in fact, it could easily be the most comfortable product on our list.

It is made from vitreous china with a durable finish that’s effortless to keep clean, despite some crevices the toilet has. It can be paired with not just Duravit, but also Geberit toilet tank carriers, so you have several options to choose from depending on your budget and likings.

While the package comes with a trip lever, it doesn’t have a toilet seat. This is something you do need to purchase exclusively from Duravit.

The dual flush is very effective and water efficient, so you’ll not just be saving money, but also helping the environment. Also, it comes with a lifetime warranty, making it a great long-term investment.

Pros and Cons of Wall Mounted Toilets


As mentioned, wall mounted toilets have started to rise in popularity in the past few years. They are installed with the toilet tank inside the wall, and only the bowl is protruding out. This new design quickly became favored by minimalists due to sleek and elegant appearance, but also some of the benefits it has. This is what they are:

  • They have a clean and modern design.
  • They look stylish.
  • They provide you with more floor space, so they are great for small apartments and bathrooms.
  • They make your bathroom appear more spacious.
  • They are adjustable.
  • They are very easy to clean.
  • People with disabilities can easily use them as they are very accessible.

As no product is perfect, there are a few cons to wall mounted toilets. This is what they are:

  • Wall mounted toilets are rather expensive and may require several separate purchases for various parts.
  • Installation process is complex.
  • Might not be compatible for every bathroom.
  • They aren’t recommended for exterior walls in very cold climates as they might freeze.
  • Require thick walls.
  • Prone to leakage.
  • Require partial or entire removal of wall to install, so they are best when installed during a new construction or full bathroom remodeling.

What to Look for in the Best Wall Mounted Toilet?


When looking for the best wall mounted toilet, there are a few things you should keep in mind and look for. Sure, everyone has their own desires and requirements, but some features have to be taken into the consideration.

These are a few things that you need to think about before making a purchase:


Size is likely the most important feature of a wall mounted toilet. If a toilet isn’t an adequate size, it’ll take up too much space. Unless you enjoy sitting on the toilet and showering at the same time, you don’t want to get a toilet that is too big.

Not just that, a toilet bowl has to have an adequate height. If it’s too high or too low, it won’t be too comfortable for sitting, especially during prolonged periods of time.

The best possible thing you can do is to measure your bathroom before you decide to go shopping for the best wall mounted toilet. If you have an idea about the measurements, you can easily decide on the right size and not risk any mistakes.


Shape of the toilet bowl is another vital feature, as it determines how comfortable the seating is. Elongated shape is usually considered the best, as it’s universal and made for people of all shapes and sizes. On the other hand, while the round shape isn’t as comfortable, it will take less room than elongated bowls.

Modern Features

Wall mounted toilets are a fairly new concept. As such, many come with some modern features regular toilets don’t have. While none of these features are necessary, they can make your whole experience much more enjoyable.

If you want to go all out and spend more money on a fancy toilet, you can look at features such as:

  • Automatic close and open lid
  • Lights in the toilet bowl
  • Seat warmers
  • Automatic flush options

These features will not just make your toilet look fancy. They can also make maintenance much more straightforward and make your bathroom the centerpiece of your house.


Let’s face it. No one wants to spend a lot of money on a toilet. While we assume everyone has a set amount of money in savings for essential items, this doesn’t mean you should spend a fortune on something that might not be worth all the money.

Most wall mounted toilets are more costly than regular toilets. However, they shouldn’t be unaffordably expensive. The biggest issue is that they tend not to come with a seat or a tank, and these are additional expenses you can expect.

Because of this, you should always have some money set aside for these additional features and installation. Not to mention for some possible wall mounted toilet problems that should be fixed by a professional.

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The Bottom Line

With this, we’ll end our review of the top 3 best wall-mounted toilets. We hope that this buyer’s guide can help you find the right toilet that will fulfill all your needs and expectations.

In the end, it is up to you which one you want to decide on – the premium pick with all the amazing features, the budget pick that won’t hurt your pocket but still does the job right, or the best value for the price which might be considered the best product overall.

Wall mounted toilets are a great option for people living in the small apartments, where space is of great value. They can keep your bathroom from looking crowded, and they might even increase the overall appeal of your bathroom.

Once again, before you go to shopping for the best wall mounted toilet, you need to go prepared. Without an idea what it is you’re looking for, you’re bound to end with a product that isn’t suitable, and no one wants that.

We can guarantee that you can go no wrong with any of the products we’ve listed here. You can always use our buyer’s guide to find which one will be the best option for you.