How to Stop Squirrels Climbing Up Drain Pipes?

If you don’t want to co-exist with squirrels anymore, you should learn how to stop squirrels climbing up drain pipes. We have elaborated on several related topics and suggested top methods and 3 products for repelling squirrels from accessing your home without hurting them.

Squirrels are probably among the cutest furry critters out there. They are also quite entertaining to watch, all until they start invading your home trying to find some yummy snacks, such as nuts, seeds, corn, fruits, or vegetables. If you have bird feeders in your garden, well… There is a great chance these cute critters will want to enjoy the food as well.

On the other hand, squirrels need a safe shelter during autumn and winter, which is why they could start looking for ways to get inside your drain pipes and stock up food in there starting from late summer.

How to Stop Squirrels Climbing Up Drain Pipes?



  • Do not leave trash cans open because squirrels can smell the food in there. If you used to leave some food around the garden or your trash cans open, squirrels could probably take the food and stack it up in your drain pipes.
  • Squirrels can get very thirsty during hot and dry seasons, which is when they start looking for sources of water. They can steal some of the products from your vine such as cucumbers and tomatoes but, chances are, they’ll more gladly look for fresh water they can find in your drain pipes.
  • If there is one or several bird feeders in your yard, you will certainly attract squirrels as well that may start exploring the area and make nests in your drain pipes. You don’t have to remove the feeders completely but you should make them less accessible to squirrels or add some cayenne pepper inside since it contains capsaicin squirrels can’t stand.
  • Trying to trap and relocate squirrels will only eat up your time since you can’t really know how many of them are there in your area. Plus, there is a chance that you would remove a mommy squirrel from her babies. Lastly, relocating squirrels may be punishable in your state so be careful.
  • If there is plenty of acorns and nuts around your yard, it must be there are a lot of squirrels around your home. Try to pick up all acorns and nuts as soon as you see some on the ground to make your yard but also your home less attractive to squirrels.
  • Plant mustard, marigolds, and nasturtiums near your drain pipes. All of these plants can help you deter squirrels since they have strong aroma squirrels don’t like and they will, highly likely, give up entering your drains.
  • You may think this is silly but if you really want to know how to stop squirrels climbing up drain pipes, get yourself a squirrel chaser – a dog! Not only do squirrels are scared of dogs but even the smell of your dog’s hair around the yard will drive these animals away, far away from your drain pipes. [1] We have written another, more general blog about how to keep animals out of drain pipe you might want to check out as well.
  • There are several rodent barriers you can install within the pipes to prevent squirrels from entering your drainage. For instance, you can use these one-way valves that will help the animal get out but also make sure it won’t come back. This method is among the most humane ways of removing squirrels from your drain pipes since it doesn’t hurt the animal.
  • If you want to stop squirrels climbing up drain pipes, place metal gratings or plastic cover at the end of your drain pipes to block them from entering the pipes while still allowing the water to flow through normally.

Note: We do not advise using squirrel control poison, squirrel traps, guns, or any other kind of method that will cause the animal to suffer. Additionally, killing squirrels is illegal, unless you have obtained a legal permit to kill an animal that had damaged your property.

Can Squirrels Climb PVC Pipe?


Yes, squirrels can climb PVC pipes, although PVC pipes themselves are somehow challenging to climb up because they are slippery.

In the best-case scenario, squirrels won’t be able to climb your PVC drain pipes if the pipe’s diameter is 8 inches or higher and if the length of the pipe is 6-7 feet or longer, otherwise, if the pipe’s diameter is 6 or 4 inches, a squirrel will climb it relatively easily.

Does Vaseline Keep Squirrels Away?

Yes, Vaseline can keep squirrels away. Vaseline or petroleum jelly is a waterproof, oil-based substance with lubrication purposes you can use to keep squirrels away. Vaseline will make the area you apply it to quite slippery while its smell can keep the animal away, too. Since it is waterproof, you won’t have to worry about whether rain or snow would wash it away. Apply some amount of Vaseline somewhere around the entrance to your drain pipes every once in a while and you will have peace of mind. Additionally, commercially available greasers are pricier than Vaseline so you will save up a couple of bucks along the way.

Can Squirrels Climb Up Downspouts?


Yes, squirrels can climb up downspouts since they are quite crafty and can jump 20 feet or even higher.[2] You can try to spray your gutters with WD40 to make them slippery and hard to grip on to keep squirrels away. Squirrels, rats in garden, and other rodents can also dig holes to enter different areas of your home when looking for a place to nest.

For instance, if they pass the gutters, they will probably end up in the attic, or somewhere else where is nice, dry, and warm. You can also cut off any climbing plants and tree branches that touch the roof and the gutters and close up the chimney by putting a mesh guard on top of it.

How to Stop Squirrels Climbing Up Drain Pipes – Final Word

Squirrels are cute and stuff, as long as they are out of your home. These animals can cause costly damage that you can, luckily, prevent, but only if you play it smart. So, the answer to your question how to stop squirrels climbing up drains can be answered from different perspectives.

First and foremost, make sure to make your home and yard less attractive to squirrels and make food less accessible, and, on the other hand, ensure the drain pipe entry is covered with a  thick mesh or gratings  squirrels can’t bite through.