Worst Toilet Brands You Should Know About!

Bathroom renovations are already time-consuming. As a result, you must rely on well-known toilet products constructed to last. We’ll look at toilet brands in this piece and divide them into worst toilet brands to avoid and alternative brands to consider. This will assist you in choosing the best decision for your tastes and financial value.

The main advantages of recognized toilet manufacturers are their durable design and resistance to frequent problems such as leaks, cracks, and other issues. Therefore, toilets should be considered for their longevity and aesthetic value.

When selecting the ideal toilet, homeowners may be more concerned with design than performance, particularly if the brand is well-known. Unfortunately, you may not realize that some of the most well-known toilet brands are also among the worst. If you want your toilet to last for years, you should think beyond its appearance. So, which brands should you avoid and which should you choose instead? 

American Standard, Kohler, Gerber, and Eljer are toilet brands to avoid. Despite their widespread use, these toilets have a variety of faults, ranging from poor flushing to leakage and design flaws. Checking the MaP tests for the specific model you intend to buy is the best way to ensure your new toilet is worth the investment.

Worst Toilet Brands to Stay Away From


Toilets, like everything else, are not created equal. Some brands measure up to their advertising, while others do not. We’ve narrowed down several toilet brands that have been labeled as ‘brands to avoid’ due to a poor reputation in certain areas. You might be surprised to learn that only two brands with particular models are listed in this domain.

1. American Standard

Along with Kohler, American Standard is among the most prominent toilet brands in the United States. The brand’s great advertisements and advertising campaigns have made their toilets well-known. But not everything that glitters is gold. Although some models are superior to others, one model, in particular, should be avoided [1].

American Standard Champion

Many homeowners are drawn to American Standard’s Champion line because of its low prices and claim to flush anything. The brand displays the toilet draining golf balls in the commercial to demonstrate its promise.

As you may have discovered, even the worst toilet brands can flush golf balls. However, because body waste and toilet paper are significantly more difficult to flush, you might be startled if your bathroom doesn’t work properly.

Another drawback with the Champion is its poor design, which could cause installation challenges and leaks.

Some American Standard Champion units have reportedly passed the MaP test, which involves flushing toilet paper and soybean paste. However, most models haven’t, and unless you’re willing to take a chance, we recommend avoiding this model.

2. Kohler 

Another famous and economical brand is Kohler. The company makes a variety of conventional and modern toilets, the most of which are dependable. However, two models are just not worthy of your time.

Cimarron Kohler

Cimarron is a toilet from Kohler’s revolutionary Cimarron collection, designed to save water and be environmentally friendly. A new flush piston and engine provide a strong flush while conserving water. However, the toilet’s description’s only accurate claim is that it uses less water – at least per flush.

The flushing process is unaffected by the piston and engine, and the smaller water volume lacks sufficient pressure to drain all the waste. Unfortunately, this means you’ll have to flush the toilet numerous times to clean it, which means you’ll use more water than with a standard, non-water-saving type.

Kohler Memoirs

The retro look of Kohler’s Memoirs line appeals to homeowners. These toilets have lovely aesthetics and go well in both classic and rustic settings. The biggest disadvantage is that they are smaller than ordinary toilets.

This causes two problems: the toilet is difficult to use, and the bowl and tank have a lesser capacity, resulting in poor flushing. Compared to other vintage-style bathrooms, the siphon design is extremely uncomfortable, making it more difficult to clean. Consider avoiding it for your peace of mind.

3. Gerber 

Gerber is among the most dependable plumbing fixture manufacturers. Toilets, as well as sinks, tubs, taps, and a range of bathroom and kitchen accessories, are manufactured by the company. However, While most Gerber goods are constructed to last, one toilet model fails to meet expectations.

Gerber Avalanche

The toilet’s biggest flaw is the siphon design, which prevents solid waste from passing through. The toilet frequently clogs due to this problem, and a plunger rarely works to clear it. Therefore avoid the trouble by switching to a different brand or model.

4. Eljer

Eljer was once regarded as one of the most dependable toilet brands in the United States. Although American Standard bought the company in 2008, Eljer toilets can still be found on the market, especially in the cheap category.

Eljer Diplomat and Eljer Titan

Titan and Diplomat are two separate models with the same problem: inadequate quality control. These two-piece toilets have a tank that rests on top of the bowl. On the other hand, the porcelain base is not always level, resulting in spaces between the tank and the base.

The tank will leak sooner or later, no matter how tight you tighten the mounting screws. As a result, you should generally avoid Eljer entirely.

The Best and Most Reliable Toilet Brand


What brands should you concentrate on now that you know which toilet brands to avoid? Here’s a rundown of the most reliable options:

  1. American Standard

When it comes to one of the greatest flushing toilet options, this brand’s 140 years of experience makes it an excellent pick. The American Standard has consistently ranked at the top of all toilet brands, evidenced by its being one of the world’s most well-reviewed and checked-out brands. This brand’s selling advantages include water efficiency, less leakage and clogging, and affordability.

  1. Delta

When it comes to the bathroom business, this is a well-known brand. This brand offers a wide choice of toilet alternatives, ranging from diverse types, designs, and pricing points. Delta is a leader in soft-closing technology, but its most popular toilets are those with toilet seat night lighting for added convenience and a more modern toilet experience.

  1. ANZZI

ANZZI is a subsidiary of Spa World and trusted brand advocates have promoted them over the years. ANZZI adds to their appeal and trustworthiness, as all of the functions are up to date, and the design is ergonomic. The Odin series is ANZZI’s most popular toilet collection. They are made of Rhino alloy and represent modernism and technology all in one.

  1. Duravit

This brand is also a top choice for innovative toilet styles. They were one of the first toilet manufacturers to provide rimless, wall-mounted, and floor-standing toilets. Their washout technique and unique Wonder Gliss coating are two more standout features of their wall-mounted toilets. Most notably, they are pioneers in developing soft shut toilet seat technology.

  1. Jacuzzi 

The company isn’t just known for bathtubs; it’s also known for everything related to bathrooms, including toilets. Despite having a limited toilet line, they are already making waves in efficiency and low-maintenance nature. In addition, their toilets are ADA-compliant, water-sense certified, and have excellent flushing performance. [2]

  1. Saniflo 

Saniflo is a leading toilet company to consider in terms of design and functionality. They’ve been around since 1957, and their SFA toilet technology is well-known.

They are the inventors of upflush and macerating toilets, appropriate for commercial and domestic use. Their toilets are a good choice because of their endurance and simple construction.

  1. Swiss Madison

This brand may not be as well-known or accessible as the others listed here. Still, when it comes to durability, a high-end aesthetic, and smart features, they have easily acquired customer traction in the previous five years. They are frequently likened to Woodbridge due to their many similarities. For example, the St. Tropez is the most popular toilet.

  1. Woodbridge 

This is a newer brand, having only been formed in 2009. Its innovative toilet engineering and premium bathroom and kitchen fixtures are proudly produced in California. They have smart toilets, luxury bidets, comprehensive warranty coverage, and stylish aesthetics.

What to consider when choosing a toilet brand

While purchasing a toilet may appear simple, a few factors must be considered before parting with your hard-earned cash. These include:

  • Rough-in: The rough-in is the first thing to look for when replacing an old toilet. Make sure it fits the rough-in on your old bathroom. Otherwise, you might have to relocate the flange. It is difficult and costly to relocate the toilet flange.
  • Toilet size and shape: While most toilets are the same size, circular toilets are often smaller than elongated toilets.
  • Design: Aside from aesthetics, you must choose between two-piece and one-piece toilets. Two-piece tanks are easy to maintain and replace only when necessary. If a one-piece toilet breaks, you’ll have to replace the entire toilet. One-piece toilets, on the other hand, are easier to clean.
  • Flush options: Pressure-operated toilets are among the most powerful of all models. They are, nevertheless, more costly than gravity-fed models. Toilets with two flushes are a decent balance between the two.

Does Toilet Brand Matter?

Among the first points to consider is the brand when selecting a toilet. Because these toilets are inexpensive, some of the most famous brands are the worst toilet designs to avoid. As a result, they appeal to budget-conscious homeowners.

However, it is worthwhile to spend extra on the toilet. You’ll save money because you won’t have to fix it as frequently, and you’ll get a high-quality product. Hopefully, this list has assisted you in determining the worst toilet brands to avoid and which brands are worth your time.