Pros and Cons of Onyx Shower

If you ever wanted to do research on the pros and cons of the onyx shower, you came to the right place. No one just randomly considers the installation of onyx stone in their showers.

Chances are, you’ve heard plenty of advantages of onyx showers before you got to this page. We do not deny it – onyx is definitely one of the most beautiful gemstones you can have in your bathroom. But is it the right choice for you?

There’s certainly a large number of reviews on this topic online. To save you some time, we’ve gathered all the useful information on onyx showers in this article.

What Is Onyx Shower?


 To have a better understanding of the advantages and disadvantages, let’s first take a look at what onyx is.

Onyx is a semi-precious stone, which means it fits into the category of softer gemstones. It is a type of layered chalcedony, which is a form of silica.

It is an all-natural stone, usually with black and white alternating bands.

In fact, the only difference between onyx and agate is that onyx has parallel bands, while agate has curved bands. [1]

The most popular onyx is the one in deep dark black, sometimes with white bands. However, onyx does come in a variety of other colors, such as brown, yellow, light green, orange, white, and more.

On the Mohs Hardness Scale, onyx scores number 7. In short, this means that the onyx is a solid material that isn’t easy to scratch. [2]

Apart from that, the beauty of this stone is just as remarkable.

Because of its beauty, onyx was used even in ancient times to make pottery items, sculptures, jewelry, and other decor items.

Now, we also see onyx used for in-house installations, such as showers, countertops, and even fireplaces. It is a durable material known to add special charm to any room.

Is Onyx Good for Shower Walls?


The short answer is – yes, definitely!

There is a reason why onyx is considered a luxury bathroom material.

Showers get exposed to a lot of moisture, as well as heat and temperature changes. Onyx is a non-permeable material, which means it’s naturally water-resistant.

That fact alone tells you that you won’t need to worry about harmful bacteria and mold development. That’s because bacteria and mold grow and develop in areas of standing water. [3]

Other than that, onyx is very aesthetically appealing, especially when compared to other stones used in bathrooms.

It has an effortlessly elegant touch to it, and it’s easy to pair with other materials such as concrete, glass, ceramics, steel, and others.

Pros and Cons of Onyx Shower Collection

Before we get into the Pros & Cons, it’s important to mention that not all manufacturers use 100% onyx material.

For example, the popular manufacturer Onyx Collection makes a wide range of products. That includes shower pans, laboratories, tub surroundings, shower bases, and much more.

However, their products are made by mixing alumina trihydrate and polyester resin. Not all onyx solid surface products are the same, so just keep that in mind when purchasing.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of onyx shower.

Pros of Onyx Shower


One of the most important things we look for in-house materials is their safety. This is especially the case for children and people with weak immune systems, but it should apply to everyone.

Unlike other materials, onyx does not emit harmful chemicals into the air once it has been heated up. Since onyx is a natural stone, the only thing that evaporates after a hot shower is the hot steam itself.


Another important thing that we need to look out for before choosing any material for installations is the durability of that material.

Luckily, with onyx showers, this is not even the last thing to worry about.

We’ve done the research for you – onyx can last from 30 to 100 years! You read that right – with most onyx shower installations, you’ll get a lifetime warranty.

Of course, this includes professional installment. You don’t want to improvise on this one and experience the shower leaking through floor afterward.

 3.Ease of Use 

Because onyx is a natural stone, and also because of its composition, it reacts to water really well. This means that onyx retains the temperature of the hot water longer than some colder surfaces like ceramics.

That allows for ease of use and a nicer, more luxurious experience during showers. It is also another reason why onyx is considered a high-quality material for shower installations.


 Not only is it highly functional by performance, but onyx is also a very beautiful stone.

In fact, when compared to other stones and materials used for shower installations, onyx always holds a higher place because of its aesthetics.

It is no wonder that onyx has been used for creating jewelry since ancient times!

5.Variety of Color Options 

Onyx gained its popularity by being mostly in dark black color, sometimes with white stripes. However, if you only google color options for an onyx shower, you might run into a surprise.

The truth is that the most popular color options for shower tiles and panels are mostly light in color. The same rule applies to onyx showers.

Apart from black, natural onyx comes in a variety of different colors and color shades. You can choose from the beige and sandy shades, dotted and clear whites, blue shades, green shades, orange shades – and the list goes on!

 6. Heats Up Water Fast

If you ever stood waiting for the shower to heat up before you get in – then onyx showers are your solution!

As we briefly mentioned previously, onyx is a stone that can hold natural heat – meaning natural solar energy. For example, onyx water heaters can even extract the heat from the air, which in turn warms up the water even more.

For showers – just know that the onyx shower will be easier to heat up, but it will also hold that heat for some time. This is achieved because the onyx stone has tiny pores that allow it to hold onto that heat.

This advantage results in easily heated showers and also lower water bills.

 7. Ease of Installation

Onyx showers are easier to install than most other stones used for shower installations. This is mostly because onyx showers come with pre-built shower bases.

This doesn’t mean that onyx shower panels are particularly lightweight or easy to install by yourself. You’ll be best off with a team of professionals who are going to make sure that the shower is installed properly.

 8.No Grout Builtup

This advantage of onyx showers is huge but not mentioned as often as it should be.

When it comes to onyx shower installations, the shower comes mostly pre-built, so it’s easier to install than individual tiles.

This also means that less caulking material is used in the process of installation because you don’t need caulk for seamlessly connected panels. This makes cleaning easier because mold can grow even on silicone caulk. [4]

Apart from that, no grout lines are needed because the whole shower comes as a unit.

9.Easy to Clean

 Last but not least, the surface of onyx material is impermeable.

This means that no water or any other liquid can pass through the surface of onyx showers. This feature alone makes it easier to clean and also more sanitary – which is exactly what we need in our showers!

Because it’s not easy for water to permeate its surface, the possibility of bacterial growth lessens greatly.

Cons of Onyx Shower



It is no secret that onyx is considered a luxury stone when it comes to home installations.

It can cost from $70 to $100 per square foot, which means from $2,100 to $3,900. These costs are without installation costs and are only showing the value of the material itself.

Many people give up on onyx showers when they learn about these high costs. However, what they don’t remember is that the costs of an onyx shower pay off in the long run.

Onyx showers can last up to a lifetime. With lower costs for caulk, less cleaning products, and the heat saved (providing lower bills), the initial cost really pays off.

 2.Can Be Difficult to Repair

On the on hand, the fact that onyx showers come pre-built is what makes for an easier installation.

On the other hand, this same feature makes onyx showers harder to repair.

That’s mostly because it takes a professional to install and also repair an onyx shower. Most homes have ceramic tiles instead of onyx, so it may be harder to find a professional to fix the shower.

Also, finding a professional to install and repair the shower is not the same. You’ll need a professional who specializes in cutting the onyx panels and taking the proper measurements.

 3.Fragile Onyx Panels

Even though this stone is tough enough not to get scratches easily, it can be quite fragile while being cut.

For the onyx shower to be installed, it initially has to be cut into large panels, and this can damage the stone in the process.

However, chances are you won’t be the one doing the cutting, so this is probably not a cause for concern. Also, once it’s installed, it’s quite hard to damage the onyx panels, especially in the case of showers.

 4.Height Issues

Onyx showers maintain a regular temperature in the shower, which can’t be said about other types of materials used in showers.

This is because of the ability of onyx to hold the temperature of the hot water for longer.

However, this can impact the way the heat is distributed during a shower. That means that tall people might not enjoy this shower as much as the temperature is not distributed equally.

5.Prone to Staining

Despite its durability and being non-permeable, you can expect to experience hard water stains on the onyx shower too.

But that’s not a cause for concern. What is – are the stains that can be caused by acidic products used in the showers.

Onyx showers can also get stained if you use any type of abrasive cleaner.

To help you avoid making stains and maintain the beauty of your onyx shower, let’s look at some tips.

How Do You Take Care of an Onyx Shower?


Now we’re going to discuss the best ways how to clean onyx shower.

Since onyx is a natural stone, you want to avoid using any kind of abrasive cleaners. This includes any kind of ‘superpower’ cleaner, as well as the acidic ones.

The best piece of advice we can give you is to use a non-abrasive cleaner. Possibly the best option would be a homemade cleaner, especially the one with the pH levels around 7. [5] 

To clean the onyx shower, follow these steps:

  • Prepare the area for cleaning. That means removing all personal products from the shower, such as shampoo, bathing lotions, razors, etc. Also, gather all of your cleaning products.
  • Create steam in the shower. Turn the hot water setting on, and wet the whole shoer area in order to loosen up any soap scum or pink mold in the shower. Also, keep the bathroom ventilated while cleaning.
  • Make a cleaning solution using baking soda. You can make a baking soda cleaning solution by just mixing it with water and some other gentler soapy solution.
  • Clean the shower walls. You can do so with a cleaning cloth or soft sponge. To clean the shower floor, grout lines, and difficult corners, you can use an old toothbrush.
  • Rinse & let dry. 


Final Word – Pros and Cons of Onyx Shower

Onyx showers have many benefits.

They’re made from a wonderful material, with a non-permeable and very luxurious-looking surface. They can be easier to install than other stones, and their aesthetics are noncomparable.

However, they do come with some cons as well. For instance, they are usually more expensive and harder to repair.

But with the proper installation, the onyx shower is a luxurious feature that can improve your shower experience and last a lifetime.