Kohler vs American Standard Toilet- Best Comparison!

You need the best bathroom fixtures to complete the look of your home. Quality toilet means quality in the spaces that matter the most in a home. Unfortunately, you can’t think of bathroom fixtures like toilets and fail to think of Kohler or American standard brands. Let’s review Kohler vs American standard brands.

These two brands have existed for over 100 years, and most customers find them satisfying. They have produced these toilets for a long time and granted many homeowners the chance to smile.

Most people can’t choose between the two brands. Although we may not help you choose between the two, we may help you make an informed decision depending on what every brand offers. Every homeowner has some desired qualities for every fixture they buy. Some will find Kohler the best, while others will find American standard the best brand.

If you want to decide on which to buy, keep reading this article,

So, what features do you need to watch for the two brands?



If we compare the building material, I may say that these two brands present almost the same feature. Most American brands specialize in china’s vitreous material with a ceramic surface. You will find these qualities in both brands; hence if you need to find the best brand, both will do fine.

Other similar features that you don’t need to concentrate on to purchase any of these toilets include:

  • Lifespan
  • Sturdiness
  • The outlook

Since the material features are similar, you may enjoy purchasing from the American design. It proves easy to clean due to the seamless minimalist design. Cleaning it proves a breeze every time you need it to look clean and fresh.


If you need to find the cheapest brand, it may be tricky to say either is cheap. However, various models from the two brands appear on Google for the most affordable brands of toilets. However, the Kohler models often prove cheaper than their counterparts, the American standard.

However, it would be helpful if you didn’t focus more on the cheapness of products online. For instance, you may find that a high-priced model on American standard is of less quality compared to a cheaper Kohler toilet model. The reviews from several clients place the Kohler brand at a higher choice point. However, some American standard models prove stylish and quality for your liking.


When it comes to Google ratings, the American standard takes the win. It has received many five-star ratings, giving it the lead from many customers. Some people have posted complaints on Kohler models, which have helped the brand amend its mistakes.

The brand might do better in the future when more customers derive satisfaction from their toilet models. Therefore, for online rating and approval, the American standard takes the prize.

Warranty terms

When buying most kitchen and bathroom fixtures, considering the warranty period determines a lot. If you purchased a product and fail to get any warranty, you may not trust the brand as much. The warranty guarantees the brand’s great faith in its products.

If you find a brand with great warranty offers, you stand assured that the lifespan, maintenance, and repair costs gets limited for the service duration.

Kohler provides a one-year unlimited warranty for its products. However, once this duration expires, any repairs and maintenance come at your cost.

American Standard comes with a ten-year limited warranty cover. Therefore, it will not cover every problem that may arise during this period. However, it serves since you may have various issues to be covered for a long duration.

Some Kohler brands may come with a five-year warranty. But, if you compare it with the ten-year warranty provided by American standard brand on all their products, it doesn’t even. So, if the warranty duration impacts your purchase, we recommend you go for the American standard toilet brand.


Are you considering performing toilet DIY installation? Then, a two-piece toilet proves lighter and easier to install. However, the one-piece toilet has a heavier material, and most plumbers have found them tricky to install.

Kohler provides most two-piece toilets; installing them will prove easy to guarantee DIY installation.

American standard provides most one-piece toilets, and installing them requires expert knowledge. So, if you are looking for an easier-to-install toilet, Kohler double-piece toilets make the ideal choice.

Cleaning and general maintenance

A clean toilet means you got a clean home. Since we saw that these two brands come from similar materials, you may choose to have either in your home. However, Kohler produces two-peace toilets while American standard produces mostly one-peace toilet models.

You will find a single-piece toilet easier to clean than a two-piece toilet. A two-piece toilet model contains more seams and gaps. Therefore, cleaning them may require more time, products, and effort compared to their one-piece counterparts.

If you need a toilet model to facilitate quick cleaning and minimize the chances of bacterial buildup and stains, then the American standard one-piece will be the ideal choice.


Since you need to use the toilet daily, it makes sense to invest in a comfortable toilet piece. The inches of your toilet may determine the comfort of the toilet. Most brands produce 15-inch toilets. This height may feel uncomfortable to most people.

Kohler vs. American standard toilets come at a comfortable height ranging from 16.5 inches to 19 inches from the ground level. Having a comfortable toilet seat goes a long way if you suffer from backache.

Since the brands present all the comfortable heights in their models, you will have a chance to choose the height that suits you best.

Although the two brands have all heights available, it will surprise you that most customers vote for the Kohler brand regarding the comfort of use. We may bet that it’s due to the two-piece model. Therefore, if you need a chair-height design, we recommend you go for the Kohler brand, not the American standard.

Flushing excellence

If you need the best toilet brand, invest more in a toilet with high flushing excellence. The flushing performance of a toilet gets measured by gallons per flush. These two models use 1.28 to 1.6 flush performances. Although the flushing systems of these toilets may be similar, most people prefer American standard flush performance over the Kohler brand.

The American standard uses both cadet three and four flushing systems. These systems prove powerful, providing a unique flushing experience to remove all solid and liquid waste. The Kohler brand may not eliminate all waste and will often require that you flush more than once.

Not only does the multiple flushing causes water wastage, but it also proves tedious when you got visitors in your home. Although you must flush twice to get all wastes gone, Kohler releases small quantities of water. It has therefore won annual EPA awards on water conservation.

If you need to invest in a powerful flushing toilet, we recommend you go for the American standard toilet. For a conservative environment, Kohler will help you save more water.

Kohler vs American Standard Toilet



ANZZI Smart Toilet, One Piece, Automatic...
  • Customizable Comfort: Experience personalized...
  • User-Friendly Design: Intuitive controls with...
  • Efficient Warm Air Dryer: Includes a warm air...


  • Eco-friendly
  • It comes in the best design


  • Expensive
  • Weak flush power

American Standard


  • Powerful flush
  • Affordable
  • It provides the most impressive warranty cover


  • Not the best design

Is Kohler toilet a good brand?

To answer this question, you must determine what you need for your home. Regarding durability, we will say that Kohler is a good toilet brand. It also has a conservative flushing system, and the two-piece designs will wow you. So if you need a fancy design and comfort for your home, Kohler makes the best toilet brand. [1]

Is American standard toilet a good brand?

All toilet designs work best provided that they suit your home needs. The American standard toilet proves to be a good brand because it offers the perfect flush efficiency. It also makes the cheapest toilet option for most American homes.

In addition, its easy-to-clean nature makes it a favorite brand. For those asking whether the American standard toilet makes a good brand, we assure them of a quality product. [2]

Is Kohler toilet made in the USA?

The USA has the most manufacturing locations to manufacture Kohler toilets. You will, however, find them in most showrooms and kitchen appliance shops. So, don’t shy off from looking for Kohler toilets in USA bathroom showrooms.

What is the color code on the Kohler toilet?

Kohler brand comes with various color codes. Some of the best color codes include Almond, Aspen green, biscuit, avocado, and cerulean blue. If you need the best color codes, look for the bathroom showrooms close by.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know which color my toilet is?

Most people don’t know what color their toilet is. To understand your toilet’s color, look under the water tank lid. Then, look at the inside walls of the tank on the bowls attaching the seat. Most toilets are number 3.

  • What are the different toilet colors?

Toilet colors vary, but most toilets come in common colors. The most common toilet colors include white, off-white, black, yellow, gray, and tan.

  • Where is the product number on a Kohler toilet?

You will find the toilet number inside the tank. Look for a molded number in the toilet tank. The stamped blue or black ink gives you the product number you want.

It comes mostly in four to five digits and may contain the prefix K. if you find it proceeded by 97 or F, don’t feel put –off. It sometimes includes these characters.

  • How do I know if my toilet fixture is white or biscuit?    

Toilet colors may sometimes confuse us. If you are wondering whether your toilet is white or biscuit, here is what to do.

  • Try comparing it to the white fixtures in your kitchen. If the color matches your white fixtures, it’s white.
  • Place a white piece of paper by your toilet. Compare the whiteness of the two items. If it compares, then it’s white. If it doesn’t, then it’s biscuit. Some people find a white envelope a good comparison object too. If it matches, then it’s white. You will see the difference between biscuits, almonds, natural, or bone.

Is beige and bone the same color?

You might think that the two colors are similar, then it might be due to the light brown color. However, the colors include other shades, including white offs, brown yellows, or light brown.

Is almond darker than beige in my Kohler toilet?

A color test will save you if you are confused between beige and almond for your Kohler toilet. Almond presents a lighter color than beige. So if the color feels darker, it must be beige. But if it’s in the lighter shade, it should be almond.

The toilet makes the most important part of your home. Making it comfortable and appealing includes part of the home planning. When you think of toilet installation, American standard toilet and Kohler must cross your mind.

Making an informed decision between Kohler vs. American standard proves that you know what’s best for your home. In addition, the two brands present a unique chance to give your home an appealing bathroom look.

Whether you need the double-piece from Kohler or the one-piece from American standard, it will be possible.


We have to give you a winner regarding Kohler vs. American standard. In our opinion, Kohler takes the win. It proves to be of the best design since it makes most users comfortable. In addition, the easiness of use and satisfaction guarantee means a lot to most homeowners.

You will have to design your home in the best way possible to allow for privacy and convenience. However, this opinion doesn’t tie you to one choice. We recommend that you settle for the toilet brand that ensures the comfort of your home takes priority.

We recommend that you share this article with your friends to let inform them on the best toilet brand for their home.