Is Bath Fitter Worth It Or Just Waste Of Money?

Remodeling your home is a tough time, and it can also put a financial strain on your family. However, one company thought about these two issues and came up with a solution: Bath Fitter. But is bath fitter worth it?

This acrylic bathtub fittings and bathroom accessories manufacturer offers a simple solution for upgrading your bathroom. Applying liners and new appliances to your existing bathroom avoids demolition and associated dirt. At the same time, you can still use your shower and other fixtures.

Is Bath Fitter worth it? Short answer


Bath Fitter took the world by storm in the 90s as they provided a fast and simple solution for remodeling bathrooms. More than three decades later, the company is still on and selling remodeling solutions, so their products provide value.

A question naturally arises: is Bath Fitter worth it? If you are remodeling your bathroom, should you consider this solution? In this article, we will be looking at the pros and cons of Bath Fitter. Depending on what you expect from your bathroom remodeling project, this product may or may not be good for you. Our recommendation is to research the product thoroughly and see if it matches your needs and expectations.

What is Bath Fitter?

Bath fitter is a name used both for acrylic bathtub fittings and the company manufacturing them. The concept promoted by Bath Fitter is that you can give your bathroom a new look without demolishing it. Instead, you need to overlay a new tub over the existing one.

The Bath Fitter company has been around for 35 years already. It was founded by brothers Brian, Wayne, and Glenn Cotton. The three men built around the idea that remodeling your bathroom should be easier. The Cotton brothers observed how much hassle demolitions brought and how this affected both homeowners and commercial properties. So they enabled hotels to obtain a luxurious aspect of bathrooms without being out of business for too long.

At the same time, Bath Fitter founders wanted to help homeowners. By creating a product that can be installed in one day, Bath Fitter started to appeal to residential homes. The outstanding convenience provided by this product was impossible to ignore. The mission of this company is to make people smile every time they see their bath. Employees are inspired never to get complacent and feel satisfied with past success. Their philosophy has enabled Bath Fitter to grow rapidly and be chosen by millions of homeowners and businesses.

Bath Fitter products and solutions


Although Bath Fitter was initially selling bathtub liners, its range of products has expanded.

Regardless of what Bath Fitter products you choose to install, the process is roughly the same. A Bath Fitter consultant takes measurements and helps you choose accessories. The company will manufacture a custom-made tub or shower to fit perfectly into your bathroom. Instead of removing wall tiles and bathtubs, the new ones are installed over the existing appliances. An installation professional is in charge of the process and completes necessary cleaning and repairs. Main products from Bath Fitter include:

  • Showers – they are made from high-gloss acrylic. Bath Fitter claim the fixtures are guaranteed to last a lifetime;
  • Bathroom walls and wainscoting – consisting of one-piece acrylic panels and wainscoting for bathroom walls;
  • Bath and shower accessories – these are recommended to add style, organization, and safety to baths. Most popular products include grab bars, shower seats, shelves, soap dishes, and shower doors.

Bath Fitter pros

Convenience is a very important value for anyone remodeling their home or bathroom. That is the main advantage provided by Bath Fitter, although there are several other benefits, as well:

  • Fast installation

Installing a bathtub liner from Bath Fitter takes one day or less. Fast remodeling is a major advantage because nobody wants an unusable bathroom for a long time. You will be able to soak into your new bath in less than 24 hours. Bath Fitter customers are impressed with how fast the process goes.

  • Less effort

Removing your old bathtub and ripping walls causes more mess than you expect. There will be dust and debris throughout your home and more work than anticipated. With Bath Fitter, there is no demolition, and you do not need to tape off the rest of the house.

  • Saving money

Not only do you no longer need to pay for a dumpster, but a liner is more affordable than an actual tub. Bath Fitter liner costs range between $800 and $3500, and the wall surrounding is approximately $2000. This solution allows you to save money instead of a full bathroom remodeling.

  • Easy to clean

Bath Fitter liners are made from glossy acrylic, which is easy to wipe clean. The material does not collect soap scum and mold and maintains its appearance for a long time. The one-piece wall also helps with cleaning as there are fewer crevices where dirt can accumulate.

  • Focus on safety

Did you know that 234,000 adults and teenagers each year suffer from slipping in the bathroom? [1]

Such accidents can easily be prevented using safety accessories and keeping floors dry. Bath Fitter is very safety conscious and has included grab bars and shower seats with its products. At the same time, your showering experience becomes more pleasant.

  • Lifetime warranty

Bath Fitter products come with a lifetime warranty for product installation. However, you will still need to ensure the maintenance of your shower and resurface the finish every few years.

  • Consultancy

When you become a Bath Fitter client, you are assigned a consultant who takes measures to create a custom bathroom. Many customers need bathroom remodeling advice and knowledge. Having someone to be there and give you great ideas on how to upgrade your bathroom is simply priceless.

  • Bath Fitter cons

Although using Bath Fitter to remodel your bathroom sounds like a great and convenient idea, this solution has a few potential problems. Bath Fitter problems can occur, especially when the product is not installed correctly:

  • Mold issues

Some users complain about Bath Fitter mold issues, but fans of this company say it should not happen. If you get mold under the liner, mold had already been there before installation.

However, the truth is that water can get between the liner and the tub. Even if the liner is installed carefully, there is still a chance of water seeping through. A small crack in the caulking can enable water to get between the liner and the old tub.

How do you know if you have water between the tub and the liner? The bottom of the liner will feel squishy, and standing water will cause a bad odor in the bathroom. For this reason, you must have your Bath Fitter installed by a professional who will make sure the job is done correctly. [2]

  • Not all tubs can be relined.

Is your old tub free-standing, fiberglass, or acrylic? Then you will not be able to use an acrylic bathtub liner. Free-standing tubs do not have walls around them where you can fix the liner. Likewise, appliances made from fiberglass or acrylic are not suitable because liners do not adhere to these materials. So, before building your remodeling idea around Bath Fitter, make sure your old bathtub is a good candidate for relining.

  • It is not available everywhere.

Bath Fitter is not available in states like Alaska, Hawaii, Minnesota, Montana, and Wyoming.[3]

  • Does not enable you to remodel your entire bathroom

Bath Fitter enables you to obtain a tub, walls, and appliances that look brand new. Unfortunately, other areas of the bathroom are not included. One of the issues with Bath Fitter is that the company does not offer toilet, sink, or floor remodel services. Therefore, you will have to find alternate solutions for the rest of the bathroom. However, if you want to focus on the bathtub and shower area, Bath Fitter is a great option.

  • It can look a little plain

Bath Fitter provides a variety of liner designs. Still, the number of traditional products available in home improvement stores is bigger. What happens with Bath Fitter and other liners is that the final result can look a little conventional. If you want something original or an impressive finish for your bathroom, Bath Fitters may not be the best option.

  • It may not be a lot cheaper than traditional remodeling.

It is impossible to say how much Bath Fitter costs, but you can find a rough estimate. For methods to estimate cost, check the next section of this article. Some customers claim that Bath Fitter doesn’t ensure extensive money-saving, making this product stand out more due to convenience.

How much does Bath Fitter cost?

But how much does Bath Fitter cost? Is Bath Fitter expensive? And, more importantly, is Bath Fitter worth the money?

Not all Bath Fitter projects are alike, so prices vary. Several factors contribute to different costs of installing Bath Fitters:

  • Tub and shower dimensions

The larger your tub or shower, the higher the price estimate.

  • Your liner of choice

Bath Fitter provides a variety of bathtub and shower liner designs. Complex patterns will cost more than basic designs.

  • Your bathroom condition

Before installing liners, a bathroom needs to be in good condition to avoid mold problems and malfunction. If repairs are necessary, the overall price estimate will go up.

The only way to find out how much a Bath Fitter solution costs for you is to speak to the company’s representatives. Their agents will explain that an in-home consultation is necessary to provide an accurate quote. In addition, their salespeople are available and will book a free, no obligation consultation for you.

The more important question remains: is Bath Fitter worth the money? Or, in other words, does it provide a good return on investment? Read the next section to determine when Bath Fitter is a good idea. If this solution is suitable for your bathroom and provides value, it may also be worth the money.

When should you use Bath Fitter?

To make a decision, you need to weigh the pros and cons of Bath Fitter. The company provides a narrow range of bathroom remodeling options, and imperfect installation can lead to mold problems. The advantages of Bath Fitter, on the other side, are affordability and convenience.

There are different scenarios leading to different outcomes. For example, let’s say you value quality above everything, and you want a durable solution for your bathroom. Or you want an impressive design. In such cases, Bath Fitter may not be the best option.

By contrast, some homeowners may be looking into a fast and comfortable solution. If you want to minimize downtime and avoid demolition, Bath Fitter can be suitable for your remodeling project. At the same time, if you like their designs, you will probably be happy with their offer. Check their Design Your Bathroom online tool and see if you like the style of bathrooms they provide. [4]

Is Bath Fitter Worth It – Final Word

Our verdict, or better said, your verdict, is here because only you can decide if Bath Fitter is worth trying.

Bath Fitter is worth the money but under certain circumstances. First of all, you need to make sure your bathroom is suitable for applying liners. Next, you should ensure functional plumbing and correct installation of the Bath Fitter liner. If you value convenience above everything else, you will likely be happy with the Bath Fitter solution.