Comfort Height vs Chair Height Toilet

Let’s compare comfort height vs. chair height toilet.

In the realm of home improvement, even the smallest decisions can make a significant impact on our daily lives. One such decision that often goes unnoticed until it becomes a pressing concern is the height of our toilet bowl.

Yes, you read that right – the humble toilet can become a battleground of comfort and convenience.

In this post, we’ll dive into this unspoken struggle, helping you unravel the mysteries of toilet heights and find the perfect fit for your personal throne.

Comfort Height vs Chair Height Toilet



Both comfort and chair height toilets are different terms but refer to toilets of the same height. All toilets with heights of at least 17 inches are known as chair height, while comfort height is a brand-specific term for chairs with 17 inches and above. Kohler Company, an American manufacturing company, uses comfort height to refer to chair heights toilets.

The style, design and features of comfort height and chair height toilet differ, but their measurements are always the same.

Though they are similar in height, comfort height toilets are the best because it offers colossal seat allowance, better convenience, and more comfort. Measuring 2-3 inches higher than traditional height toilets, they are suitable for disabled individuals, tall people and the elderly.

Comfort height toilet remains best because of the additional seat. Though many people consider toilet heights as a matter of comfort, sitting too low still mimic the strain and effectiveness of squatting, but it can be tougher while getting up.

Those with mobility challenges from surgery, injury, plain old age, or mobility issues can tell how difficult getting off a standard toilet chair can be.

Let’s take an in-depth look at what distinguishes these two terms.

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Product range comparison

Comfort height toilet seat is a brand-specific name used by Kohler manufacturer to refer to chair height toilet seat. Other brands use ADA height or Right- height, whereas the TOTO brand calls it universal height. These product is gaining more popularity as most are ADA compliant.

The comfort height toilet seats tend to be cheaper than standard height toilets. That is why they are prevalent in non-residential units, commercial spaces and restrooms. Though the are a good option for those with mobility issues, it poses a problem to shorter adults and children 4-5 inches tall.

As the name suggests, a chair height means easier standing and seating- as in a chair. It is also compliant with the ADA regulations and is 2 inches higher than the standard toilet seats. What makes it different is its elevation. Unlike a comfort seat that poses issues to short people and children, a chair-height seat unease that. It is suitable for people with knee mobility, back and hip.

Our picks

We have chosen to compare comfort height vs chair height toilet.

These two toilet seat represents the most prevalent toilet height seats used today.

Comfort height toilets

Comfort height toilets are the most commonly used today in non-residential areas and commercial places.

They measure at least two to three inches higher than standard height toilets which cater to most American heights. Its huge allowance makes it more convenient.

  • Key feature: Advanced cleaning technology and elongated bowl that provides water consistently and comfort, respectively
  • Best For: Tall people

Chair height toilets

Also known as a tall toilet meets the ADA guidelines. It is 2 inches higher than normal toilets. They also have a better flushing technology, thus saving water.

  • Key Feature: More elevated for easy standing and sitting
  • Best For: The elderly, kids, disabled and disabled.

Toilet height is one of the most common features most plumbing experts focus on, depending on the client’s budget. Most people love chair toilets as it provides more comfort and also convenient for use.

Some people are so tall that they find it difficult to squat. Especially when it comes to standing up after use, tall people, the elderly, and anyone with hip or back challenges can use these toilet height seats.

Both comfort height and chair height toilet seats have the same height, making them perfect for direct comparison. And all heights of both seats meets ADA guidelines.

Remember to always confirm with your plumber when determining the best height toilet seat for your home or business.

Usage comparison

Though this may sound strange, to find the best toilet, you have to test it out. It should be easy to rest both feet on the floor. Also, it should be comfortable to sit and easy to stand from.

If we look at the current trend, comfort height toilet is more prevalent than chair toilets. Maybe it’s because it’s commercially used and serves hundreds of people than chair height toilets.

Whichever the case, both allow easy seating and standing whether you are tall, aged or physically challenged.

However, this doesn’t imply that chair height toilets are unpopular. They are a good choice for family use as you decide on the mounting height that suits even children.

For these reasons, comfort height toilets will be the best option for people with standing difficulty.

Winner: Comfort Height Toilet

Height comparison

The  ADA compliance act recommends toilet height for people with disabilities be 2 to 3 inches taller than standard height. Height is the measurement from the floor to the toilet seat.

This then makes comfort height toilets suitable for commercial and universal usage since they suit most individuals.

Chair height toilets are best for residential use. You can mount it at a specific height where you feel comfortable for all family use. And since they are elongated, they are perfect for the whole family use.

Winner: Chair Height Toilet

Appearance comparison

The main feature that differentiates these two toilets is height. With that in mind, various colouring and designs are available for both toilets. Though, white is the most commonly used shade in all brands.

Also, the self-cleaning technology used in both differ. Comfort toilets use a more advanced cleaning technology. That means it includes even noise regulators. Chair toilets use “better” technology. Not so much technology is used in the system.

Winner: Comfort Height Toilet

Sitting position comparison

Though standard height toilets are biologically proven to help bowel movement, we cannot say the same for comfort height toilets. When the feet dangle, constipation and circulation issues may arise.

Remember, this depends on the person in question as we cannot say the world’s tallest people from the Netherlands. Comfort toilets are too high, favouring human biology that the squatting position is only achieved if a footstool is included to rest the feet.

Chair height toilets, on the other hand,  depends on what works best for you. The knees will be at a 90-degree angle with correct mounting, and the feet will remain flat on the floor.

Winner: Chair height toilets

Cost comparison

Comfort height toilets prices range between $ 100- $300. These prices depend on the brand, whether Kohler, TOTO or American standard. However, depending on their usage, chair height toilets are more budget-friendly.

  • Are chair height and comfort height the same?

As we had seen earlier, chair height and comfort height are different terms but refers to a toilet with the same height. Chair height is a common/ general term used to refer to all toilets with at least 17 inches and above. Comfort height, on the other hand, is ‘ a brand-specific term’ for chair heights.

Comfort height toilets are the best overall winner of our comfort height vs chair height toilet comparison. They are universal. Comfort height toilets have better technology that suits the modern age and meets users experience.

Both height toilets meet the ADA regulations for those with disabilities, making them the best options for everyone’s use.

  • Which is the best toilet for residential and commercial buyers?

The best toilet for residential use is chair height toilet. Apart from being elongated, it is cost-friendly and suitable for all, including tall people, the elderly and the disabled.

Comfort height toilets are best for commercial use. These places receive all kinds of people, and it is best because of height and easy maintenance.

But, comfort height toilets come at a higher cost because of their exclusive features. And chair toilet tends to be at least cost-friendly, especially for homeowners with a tight budget.

Both toilets are of high quality at affordable budgets. If you need more help in selecting, consult with your plumber to develop a good option for your home or business.

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Bottom Line

Looking at the features comparison above, chair height and comfort heigh are not the same. Chair height toilets are elevated, whereas comfort height toilets are too high.

Also, chair heights are excellent for home use, whereas comfort heights are suitable for commercial and universal service. Before making a purchase, consider the people’s height in your household.

We encourage you to purchase a chair height toilet for home use and a comfort height toilet for universal use.

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