Elongated vs Round Toilet

The elongated vs. round toilet debate touches upon considerations of comfort, space efficiency, aesthetic appeal and maintenance making the decision very important for anyone contemplating a bathroom upgrade or renovation. But what is truly a better option longterm? Elongated vs Round Toilet In Short Round toilets are budget-friendly, space-efficient, and suitable for smaller bathrooms, making […]

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Best Macerating Toilet in 2024

Looking for the best macerating toilet in 2024? Macerating toilets, also known as upflush toilets or grinder toilets, are innovative plumbing fixtures that offer unique advantages over traditional toilets. Unlike gravity-flow toilets that rely on large drain pipes and a direct connection to the main sewage line, macerating toilets utilize a built-in electric pump or

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How to Install a Toilet

Do you want to learn how to install a toilet without professional help? Over time some parts of the toilet may be broken and finding replacing parts can be almost impossible. Furthermore, outdated toilets with stubborn brown stains can be a reason for replacement too. After some time, everyone should replace them with a new

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What Causes Toilet Bowl Ring

Have you noticed orange streaks in your toilet bowl? What causes toilet bowl ring anyway?! Toilet bowl rings are a persistent and annoying issue that many homeowners face. Regardless of the effort put in to clean, they often seem to linger. A lack of understanding about the cause and prevention of toilet bowl rings can

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Toilet Bowl Smells Like Urine

Toilet bowl brought many good things to humanity. However, it is far from perfect and some unpleasant situations are bound to happen. One of those situations is when your toilet bowl smells like urine. Having this happen is never pretty since this is one of the grossest smells. Having this happen to you doesn’t necessarily

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