Rinnai RUR199iN Review

Tankless gas water heaters by Rinnai are designed to produce domestic hot water for both residential and commercial applications. Both point-of-use versions and whole-house water heaters can supply hot water to a single or many fixtures. Follow our Rinnai RUR199iN review to decide if this model is suitable for your needs.

Rinnai tankless heaters and boilers may be ideal if you’re building a new home [1].

They are also useful for those planning to remodel an existing one, replace an old, inefficient tank-type heater to gain more space, or need extra hot water because your family is growing.

In addition to providing sufficient hot water for a shower or bathtub, Rinnai is versatile enough to be utilized in the laundry, dishwasher, or any other demanding domestic application.

Rinnai RUR199iN Review


The Japanese manufacturer Rinnai was established in the 1920s and began selling gas appliances in North America in 1974 [2]. More than 30 million Rinnai water heaters are currently in use worldwide.

Now, Rinnai US has a sizable network of certified technicians and facilities where research and training for new and seasoned salespeople and service staff is offered.

Rinnai offers two main categories of tankless heaters: condensing (SE and SE+ series) and non-condensing (HE and HE+ series). Both categories come in a wide range of sizes and may be used in any housing type.

Energy Star certified and extremely efficient water heaters from Rinnai that use condensing and tankless technologies [3].

They have a high water flow rate, can provide hot water nearly instantaneously and in an unlimited supply, and come with longer warranties—a perfect combination that will please the clients and save them money.

There are Rinnai tankless water heaters for nearly every home size and price range. They range from the smallest V53, with a maximum capacity of 120,000 BTU, an efficiency of 0.81, and a price of about $600 [4].

The largest RUR199 has a maximum gas input of 199,000 BTU, an efficiency of 0.96, and a cost of almost $2000 [5].

High-end tankless and condensing water heaters from Rinnai that use the most cutting-edge technology are available in the RUR series. This includes features such as Wi-Fi, smart home voice activation with Amazon Alexa integration, the Therma-Circ360 recirculation system, a high water flow of up to 11 GPM, and ultra-high efficiency of over 0.93.

Together, these factors ensure significant cost savings and waste reduction, excellent convenience and comfort, dependable operation, flexible venting, an extended warranty, and a long lifespan. So purchase the Rinnai RUR199 with the 15-year warranty if you want the greatest tankless water heater available without worrying about the expense.

Features and Benefits

Rinnai RUR199iN Condensing Tankless Hot...
  • Discontinued. Please see new model RSC199iN
  • Energy and Space Efficient: Space-saving...
  • Optimal Water Pressure: Up to 11 GPM hot...

Tankless water heaters from Rinnai are available in various sizes and include several standard features and recyclable and interchangeable parts. Therefore, if something fails, a good design makes replacement simple. No more contaminating the environment with damaged heaters, such as tank-style heaters.

All versions are small and portable and deliver infinite, constant hot water at precise temperatures. Some people call them “instant” since they heat water immediately (they do not provide water instantly, though). Recirculation systems are included in some models, like the Rinnai RUR98, to supply hot water more quickly.

  1. High efficiency and water flow

The Rinnai tankless water heaters’ high-efficiency technology allows them to operate on minimal water flow—0.4 GPM for certain models—enough for simple tasks like shaving and hand washing while saving up to 40% on electricity.

The EZ Connect system enables combining two units to function as one for homeowners who desire higher hot water delivery. A RUR series water heater is also the best option if hot water is required immediately because of its recirculation technology. Search for ThermCirc360 technology, which is present on the Rinnai RUR199 and RUR98 [6].

The moment you open the faucet and when utilizing either of the two recirculation settings, hot water is accessible. The heater with the largest water flow, RUR199, at 11 GPM, is also the most efficient (0.96).

  1. Green technology

Green technology, which offers more efficiency and less pollution, is one of the best features of Rinnai tankless water heaters.

Because it emits extremely little NOx gas, the gas burner is environmentally benign. Indoor variants use sealed combustion and have zero clearance designs. As long as you abide by the advice, which includes expert installation and use of the original venting kits, clean and safe combustion enables flexible installation inside the home when combined with a unique venting system.

  1. Modern technology

The operation of Rinnai tankless water heaters is controlled by a microprocessor, which also offers an accurate diagnosis in the event of a malfunction. The problem code will then appear on the temperature controller’s display incorporated into the device or on a remote controller given to assist users in troubleshooting.

The better versions have a voice activation system, like Amazon Alexa, Wi-Fi, and a smartphone app called Control-R that has timers, schedules, remote control, and diagnostics, giving consumers even more comfort and convenience. The Rinnai RUR98, RUR199, and RUC98 are those models.

  1. Easy installation

Outdoor variants do not need a venting system. However, indoor models must have venting. Most indoor variants use a dual or concentric vent system with one of two wall penetration sites to exhaust gases horizontally through an outside wall or vertically via the roof.

There are 14 different vent layouts for various models, according to Rinnai. Condensing model vents can be up to 65 feet long and are typically composed of PVC [8].

Isolation valve-equipped water heaters make maintenance easy when the time comes.

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer Trade Model Number – U.S. RUR199iN
  • Product Depth 45 in / (290 mm)
  • Product Height             3 in / (795 mm)
  • Product Width 5 in / (4770 mm)
  • Product Weight             73 lb / (33 kg)
  • Gas Type                         Natural Gas
  • Installation Type             Indoor Only
  • Recirculation Capable Yes
  • Residential ENERGY STAR® Yes
  • Uniform Energy Factor 93
  • Energy Factor                         96
  • Domestic Hot Water

Flow Rate (Maximum)             11 GPM / (41.6 l/min)

  • Wi-Fi Capable                         Yes
  • SCAQMD Approved             Ultra Low NOx
  • Maximum Temperature 185° F
  • Minimum Temperature 98° F
  • Number of Showers             2-4
  • Flow Rate @ 35°F Rise 8 GPM
  • Flow Rate @ 45° F Rise 5 GPM
  • Flow Rate @ 55° F Rise 7 GPM
  • Flow Rate @ 65° F Rise 9 GPM
  • Installation                         Indoor
  • Water Connection Size 75 In
  • Vent Diameter             5 In
  • Required Volt Connection 120V
  • Total BTU                         199000
  • Wattage                         84W

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When trying to heat the water in your house efficiently, it might be difficult to determine who to turn to because the tankless water heater industry is so competitive. You don’t want to spend money on a heater and suffer with the same issue for an extended period when you already have to deal with hot water running out in the middle of a shower.

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