Korky vs Fluidmaster (Pros, Cons and More)

Korky and Fluidmaster are two of the most popular toilet repair products in the US. The two brands provide each at least one comprehensive repair kit, which leads to the question: Korky vs Fluidmaster – which is better?

In this article we will be researching the two rival toilet kits and try to answer the previous question. At the end of this post, you will be able to make a choice. In the end, all you want is to keep your toilet in good functioning condition.

Korky vs Fluidmaster: Features and Benefits


Let’s start with Korky!


Korky is a Made in The USA brand with products designed and manufactured in Wisconsin.

Korky is best known for using the Chlorazone red rubber with unmatched chemical-resistant properties. The red flappers from Korky have a 5-year warranty and are able to withstand modern water treatments.

Korky benefits

Korky is one of the most successful toilet repair brands and not without a good reason. By using their products, you will enjoy benefits such as:

  • Saving time and money

Korky products have a 5-year warranty. If the product fails during the warranty, you get your money back or a new product.

Not having to replace toilet parts very often helps you save time and effort.

  • Resisting to various harmful agents

The red flappers from Korky are designed to withstand: bacteria, chlorine, chloramine, city water treatment, hard water, well water, and rust.

  • Fitting most toilets

The universal solutions from Korky fit more than 90% of toilets. No matter what type of toilet you have, Korky will most likely provide the right solution.

  • Providing smart help

Not sure which toilet part you need in order to solve your problem?

Korky provides a Toilet Genius help tool to navigate you throughout the repair process. The tool is helpful for multiple situations, such as finding the right part, fixing issues, and installing new Korky parts.

Korky products

Korky provides a wide range of toilet repair products; we will be referring here to the Korky 4010PK Universal Complete Toilet Repair Kit. This product includes the most important toilet parts from Korky.


There are multiple reasons to choose the Korky Toilet Repair kit for your toilet problems:

  • Affordable

The complete kit costs around $20. Purchasing the entire kit is more cost effective than buying separate parts. At least you know you have all the parts in case anything goes wrong with your toilet.

This option is recommended when you have multiple toilets in your home. Or when you are good friends with your neighbors and help each other with home repairs.

  • Adjustability

The Korky toilet repair kit has a universal fit that matches a large number of toilet brands.

  • Efficiency

The toilet repair kit addresses almost any toilet problem you could encounter. The kit includes fill valve, refill tube, metal refill tube, flapper, flush valve, bowl gasket, and hardware. No hacksaw is required for performing repairs using this toilet kit.

  • Durability

Rubber parts from Korky are designed to withstand aggressors such as bacteria, chlorine, water treatment substances, and hard water.


No product can please all customers, and neither can Korky. Unsatisfied customers have claimed that the toilet repair kit from Korky has the following cons:

  • Loud float valve

Noisy float valves from Korky seem to be a common problem. This has determined some buyers to turn to the Fluidmaster competitor instead.

  • Poor quality of materials

Some users have also complained about the poor quality of materials in Korky repair kits. People mention issues such as cheap and soft plastic parts and flimsy rubber.

  • Leaking water

Another complain from customers was about water continuing to flow into the toilet tank and in the toilet. This obviously leads to more expensive water bills.

  • Product failure

Some toilet parts from Korky have failed after weeks of use, causing malfunctions and huge water and sewer bills.

As a partial conclusion, Korky is attractive due to being designed and manufactured in the US. On the other hand, many customers have had unpleasant surprises from this product. This leads us back to Korky vs Fluidmaster – let’s see if the competitor does a better job!


Fluidmaster entitle themselves as the leaders in the toilet parts industry and their history backs up their claim.

The company’s founder, Adolf Schoepe, launched an innovative pilot fill valve technology in 1957. The new solution worked with water pressure rather than against it and revolutionized the inefficient toilet technology back then.

Today, Fluidmaster sells more than 100 million toilet repair products each year. They are also no. 1 in tank replacement valves and have a global distribution network spanning over 90 countries. Fluidmaster take pride in their history and achievements and are committed to providing the best solutions to their customers.

Fluidmaster benefits

Fluidmaster is a recognized and reputable toilet repair brand providing the following benefits to their customers:

  • Tradition

Fluidmaster have been established several decades ago and have a lot of experience in the toilet repair field. They surely know the tricks of the trade!

  • Optimizing water usage

Fluidmaster products are designed to maximize water usage and will solve the most common toilet problems, including leaks.

  • Complete solution

A toilet repair kit from Fluidmaster includes everything you need to keep your toilet working like brand new. The kit includes: flush valve with Adjust-A-Flush flapper, 400A fill valve, Sure-Fit chrome tank lever, three bolts and gasket.

Fluidmaster products

Fluidmaster provides multiple toilet repair kits, depending on the toilet problem you are dealing with. This makes the kits more effective than the universal one from Korky and you are left with fewer useless parts after the repair.

Fluidmaster kits include:

  • The Fluidmaster 400ARHRKP10 PerforMAX Universal High Performance All in One Repair Kit;
  • The Fluidmaster 400AKR Universal All in One Toilet Repair Kit for 2-Inch Flush Valves;
  •  The Fluidmaster 400CRP14 Toilet Fill Valve and Flapper Repair Kit for 2-Inch Flush Valve;
  •  The Fluidmaster 400CARP5 Universal No Tank Removal PerforMAX Kit, High Performance Toilet Fill Valve;
  • The Fluidmaster 400ARHRFCS Universal High Performance PerforMAX Toilet Fill Valve;
  • And several others.


  • Targeting specific toilet issues

Depending on what problem you have with your toilet, you can choose between the multiple kits provides by Fluidmaster. Don’t know what is causing your toilet malfunction? The Repair Guide will reveal what’s wrong and what kit you need to solve the problem. [2]

  • Cost-effective

Fluidmaster products are not a lot more expensive than competitor Korky’s. The complete kit is maybe a couple of dollars more expensive than Korky’s.  The other kits often cost less than $20.

  • Reliable

The vast majority of customers are pleased with the performance of Fluidmaster toilet parts. They say the kits have successfully solved their problems.

Some customers recommend replacing all the parts available in the kit, even if they old ones work fine. This way, you are sure there are no leaks or problems.

  • Easy to use

The instructions that come with the toilet kits and parts make repairs easy, even if you have limited plumbing experience.


Is the Fluidmaster toilet solution perfect? Not really, according to some customers. There are some drawbacks of this excellent product too:

  • Not compatible with some toilet brands

Gerber and Kohler are among the toilet brands that do not support Fluidmaster toilet parts.

  • Not enough bolts

Another complaint was that Fluidmaster kits come with just two bolts, when the majority of toilets have three. This means that even with the all-in-one toilet repair kit, you still have to buy extra parts.

The verdict – Korky vs Fluidmaster – what brand of toilet repair parts is the most reliable?

Judging by the products provided by the two brands, one brand wins the Korky vs Fluidmaster battle.

The winner is Fluidmaster, for the following reasons:

  • The quality of parts is better in Fluidmaster products;
  • There are multiple kits and parts to choose from, ensuring a customized approach on toilet repair;
  • Fluidmaster is affordable for the benefits it provides and not a lot more expensive than its competitor;
  • Fluidmaster is a more experienced and reputable toilet parts brand;
  • When it comes to Korky vs Fluidmaster fill valve, Korky loses. Multiple customers have complained about leaks skyrocketing their water bills.

Whether you choose the all-in-one repair kit or another custom kit from Fluidmaster, this brand seems to be more reliable.

Still wondering about Korky vs Fluidmaster?

Both its experience and reputation recommend Fluidmaster.