Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Septic Safe?

Everyone uses toilet paper.Did u consider alternative types of toilet paper? Is bamboo toilet paper septic safe? If you use bamboo kind, no need to worry: bamboo toilet paper is septic safe. This text will determine why bamboo toilet paper is septic safe and if it is good for the environment. Then, we will recommend some bamboo toilet paper brands.

But first, let us learn some basic things about toilet paper and make differences between regular and bamboo toilet paper.

Toilet Paper Types



Nowadays, toilet paper is available in several paper types, with different patterns and textures. Moreover, it can be perfumed or scentless, with one to four plies.

It is usually wrapped around a cardboard roll. It has a standard length of 3.7 inches (it can vary between manufacturers). Also, most of the toilet paper today has ridges. Before, you could easily choose different colors. Still, since it was an expensive process that possibly had some adverse effects on people’s skin – today’s toilet paper is mostly white.

When talking about quality: the lowest quality toilet paper generally has only one-ply, which is not so soft. Moreover, it is the cheapest one available and not very durable.

A slightly better version is two-ply, which usually has some texture and is softer.

Finally, premium toilet paper has three or even four plies. Mostly, it comes with some lotion or wax, even scented, so it is no wonder why it is called “luxury toilet paper.”

The Difference Between Regular and Bamboo Toilet Paper


The most significant difference is eco-friendliness. Bamboo is a type of grass that has characteristics of wood. It is also one of the fastest-growing plants globally that doesn’t require fertilizers.

In addition, it doesn’t need to be replanted since it regenerates from its roots. Finally, bamboo requires less water than trees to grow.

That’s why septic safe toilet paper products are helpful in various cases.

When using bamboo for making toilet paper, its stalks are crushed into fibers. Next, the fibers are treated to become pulp. The pulp is then soaked and finally pressed to become rolls of toilet tissues.

Comparing bamboo with regular toilet paper, we need to say there are two main categories of regular toilet paper. First, there is the virgin kind made from trees, and secondly, there is the recycled type.

Virgin Toilet Paper

The least environmentally friendly kind. It is made from softwood and hardwood trees, mixed with water and chemicals that can break down trees into fiber. It is said that around 27000 trees are cut down every day to make toilet paper! [1]The other not-so-good thing is that companies often use chlorine bleach to make the final product, damaging your toilet bowl and septic tank.

Virgin toilet paper is the most common to find in the stores, and it comes in a lot of varieties. However, those varieties could be bad for your septic system: they can clog your drains if it is thick. Also, if it has perfumes or chemicals, they can mess with the good bacteria you need in the tank.

Recycled Toilet Paper

Recycled toilet paper is made of paper scraps such as textbooks, receipts, or used office paper. It is soaked in warm water to remove ink and is pressed and dried. This method requires less water and energy than making toilet paper from wood, making it more eco-friendly than virgin.

Another good thing is that it can be produced locally, so it doesn’t leave a carbon footprint trace. The downside is that it usually contains a small amount of bisphenol-A (BPA). This chemical, some experts claim, could have health effects on the brain and infertility.[2] Also, it is not very soft compared to virgin or bamboo.

Bamboo Toilet Paper

Other than the eco-friendliness that we already mentioned, the most significant difference from normal tissues is that it uses different material: bamboo. Another distinction is that it doesn’t contain chemicals and bleach, and it is very soft. Keep reading, and you will find out why it is good to use it.

Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Septic Safe and Good for The Environment?


Yes, it most certainly is.

Besides being eco-friendly in the making process, it is 100% biodegradable. Luckily, even though all toilet paper is biodegradable, bamboo tissues will break down faster than regular types.

For example, if you use a four-ply luxury toilet paper, it will fully decompose after one or two years! But bamboo paper is usually marked as biodegradable. As a result, it will dissolve entirely after a month when flushed down the toilet. In addition, bamboo tissues instantly make it septic safe since they won’t clog your system.

Also, there are no harmful chemicals used in the manufacturing process like regular toilet tissues so they won’t damage your skin.

Pros And Cons of Bamboo Toilet Paper

We have already brought up some of the benefits of using bamboo toilet paper. Let us summarize:

  • It is eco-friendly and renewable.
  • It is biodegradable.
  • It is made without harsh chemicals.
  • It is one of the softest options available and very durable at the same time.
  • It won’t clog your system, so it is septic safe.

As for the cons, you could say it’s a bit pricey. But, of course, it is more expensive than virgin or recycled toilet tissues anyway. Furthermore, it is logical since bamboo is cultivated in Asia, so either bamboo pulp or finished toilet paper needs to be transported, and that costs.

Of course, sometimes it’s better to invest a little than to have problems with clogged drains.

Does Bamboo Toilet Paper Block Drain?


In most cases, if used correctly, bamboo toilet paper doesn’t block drains.

Naturally, you need to check if your septic tank is full since it is essential to maintain it. Bamboo toilet tissues will probably dissolve in water when you flush them. But, if your septic tank is full or, some pipes are clogged, flushing any toilet paper would only worsen it.

Most bamboo toilet paper brands are two or three-ply, but it is best to avoid them if you come across some four-ply. We want to say that the more layers it has, the more time it will need to break down.

The same thing is with the scents – bamboo toilet paper usually doesn’t have any fragrances. Again, if you find some, skip it. It will add unwanted chemicals to your septic tank and mess with the bacteria balance.

Best Bamboo Toilet Paper

So, if you decided that the bamboo toilet paper is a good option for you and your household (and why wouldn’t you?) – there is only one step left: choosing the perfect brand.
You can always experiment a little bit since there are many options available. We suggest you search for the ones that are:

  • labeled as septic-safe
  • two-ply sheeted
  • absorbent
  • labeled as biodegradable
  • chemical-free
  • dye-free
  • fragrance-free
  • BPA-free.

Anyhow, we picked out some brands to help you get started.

Betterway Bamboo Toilet Paper

One of the most liked brands of bamboo toilet paper available. And we understand why: it is septic safe, organic, and completely plastic-free.

They claim they are the softest bamboo tissues on the market and that they give you a 100-day risk-free money-back guarantee.

We like the plastic-free philosophy, and they keep it real: everything on their package is without plastic, even the tape on the boxes.

As for the price, since the company says their 12 rolls are equivalent to about 20 regular rolls – it is cheaper because you will need to use it less.

Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo Toilet Paper

Caboo is a budget-friendly option. It has a two-ply sheet, and it is labeled as septic-safe.

Choosing Caboo is excellent since the company supports environmental organizations focused on sustainability. They are proud members of the international organization “1% for the Planet.”

The downside is that Caboo comes in a plastic film, at least when you order a 24-double rolls package.

Bim Bam Boo Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper

If you are looking for premium options, we recommend Bim Bam Boo Toilet Paper. It is made of 100% bamboo, so it shares tree-free philosophy.

It is smooth and great for those with sensitive skin.

Another thing that we love is sustainability: the company’s standard rolls come wrapped individually in tissue paper, not in plastic. But there is more: if you want to reduce waste, you could order unwrapped rolls.


To keep your septic system and sewers safe and minimize the risk of clogging drains, you could consider transferring to bamboo toilet paper.

This way, you will also become more eco-friendly and save some trees. You won’t have to worry about extra plastic, chemicals, or bisphenol-A. If you have soft skin, bamboo toilet paper is very gentle.

And remember, every toilet paper dissolves in water, but don’t stuff your toilet bowl full and try to stay out of the thick, four-ply kind since it can build up in your pipes. Anyway, whatever type of toilet paper you decide to use, your septic tank will be okay as long as you are careful.