How Much Does a New Bathroom Cost In UK?

Updating a bathroom can be costly and you might even be tempted to cut costs by doing the work yourself. Although having a bathroom professionally installed may be more costly, you can be sure that someone skilled will be fitting the suite which could save you money on expensive fixes in the long run. So how much does a new bathroom cost in total?

Bathroom installations can become quite complicated with the plumbing works that are required and, as such, it is always best to use an installation team. 

We’re here to run you through how much a new bathroom costs, covering both essential and additional extras that aren’t always necessary, so you can get a swanky new bathroom that works with your budget. 

How much does a new bathroom cost?


  • A standard bathroom installation can cost, on average, up to £6000
  • Bathroom refurbs can take between 2-16 days depending on the style and amount of work
  • Location, pipework, condition of the property, and type of bathroom suite all affect the cost of a bathroom installation

Bathroom refurb costs

On average, a bathroom installation in the UK will set you back between £4,000 and £6,000, including the cost of materials. If you are planning on having a luxury bathroom fitted with all the mod cons and expensive fittings, this is likely to be far more than the average price. 

If you are wondering how much it will be to redo your bathroom using bathroom fitters, we’ve compiled this handy chart of average costs.

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Bathroom Fitting Costs: At a glance

Task/Item Average UK Cost
Bathroom Renovation Total £5,000
Toilet Installation £150
Sink Installation £175
Bath Installation £350
Shower Installation £500
Shower Enclosure Installation £400
Radiator Installation £250
Heated Towel Rail Installation £250
Extractor Fan Installation £300
Ripping Out Old Bathroom £300
Electrics £600
Tiling £950
Vinyl Flooring £25-40 per m2
Plumbing Costs £900
Underfloor heating £40 per m2

Other factors you will want to consider as part of your budget include waste removal or skip hire, painting and decorating, plastering, lighting fixtures, furnishings, and décor accessories. 

How long will my bathroom installation take and costs?

Just like costs, the length of time a bathroom installation takes to complete will vary depending on the type of fitting you are having. For example, if you need new tiles as well as the entire bathroom suite replaced, this will take more time as well as increase the costs. 

The average time for a bathroom installation is between 5-10 days but if you have a small bathroom or only minor renovation work, it will be around 2 days. If you have a large bathroom with luxury fittings and a lot of additional extras, such as a waterproof TV and underfloor heating, it could take between 10-16 days.  

Here we’ve compiled a rough guide to timeframes and cost per item:

  1. Bathroom vanity

The cost of a bathroom vanity to be fitted is going to fluctuate based on the size of the unit. Often the installation fee is included in the cost of the vanity, however, if it isn’t, it will be around £200, total cost would sit in the region of £300-400 once you have included the bathroom vanity

Installation time: 6-8 hours

  1. Bathtub

Bathtub installations range from between £250-£400 depending on whether you choose a freestanding or fitted design. Typically, freestanding baths are the more expensive option as there are more complicated installation processes involved. 

Installation time: 3-5 hours

  1. Shower

A shower installation will be priced between £350-£600, again depending on the type you choose. An electric shower will be costlier than a standard mixer shower. 

If you are having a shower enclosure fitted, then you will be looking at between £350-£650 for supply and installation but be aware that larger shower enclosures will require more labour. If you want a bespoke design, this will be at a higher cost, as these tend to be harder to make and fit. 

Installation time: 2-8 hours (shower) and 3-5 hours (shower enclosure)

  1. Sink

For a basic pedestal sink, you will be looking at £100-£200. If you want a double sink or a more complex single sink unit, this price will increase.

Installation time: 1-2 hours

  1. Toilet

A standard toilet installation will cost around £100-£175. There is a wide range of toilet styles on offer these days, which can be expensive, as well as more challenging to install which further adds to the cost. 

Installation time: 2-3 hours

  1. Heater Towel Rail

A popular addition to contemporary bathroom designs, heated towel rails can cost anywhere between £200-£300 to be fitted, depending on the size and style. 

Installation time:  2-4 hours

  1. Radiator

Similarly, to heated towel rails, bathroom radiators will vary depending on size and type. The average cost of installation will be £200-£300.

Installation time: 2-4 hours

What can affect the cost of a bathroom?


The reason these prices are an average is because a bathroom installation quote will be unique to you and your bathroom, and is subject to change, in case unexpected circumstances arise during the work. Reasons that may impact the cost of your new bathroom include:

  • Location
  • Size and shape of the bathroom
  • Pipework
  • Age and condition of the property
  • If a specialist is needed, in the case of complicated fittings. 
  • The bathroom suite you have chosen
  • If extensive tiling needs removing alongside the suite

We highly recommend planning your bathroom thoroughly before work starts to ensure that your installation team can give you as accurate a price as possible from the beginning. We would recommend budgeting for another 20% on top of your quoted price in case of unexpected costs.

If you want to renovate your bathroom on a tight budget, there are plenty of affordable bathroom suites available from high street stores. You may be better off shopping around for each step of your bathroom installation separately, for example, sourcing an electrician individually to your bathroom fitters, as well as performing tasks such as painting and decorating yourself. 

Frequently Asked Questions


  • How much do B&Q charge to fit a bathroom?

For a basic bathroom suite to be fitted by B&Q, it would cost around £4,500 however, you couldn’t guarantee the same level of professionalism and detail from a chain store who tend to use subcontracted fitters rather than an in-house team. Although you may pay a little more for an independent bathroom fitter, you will also get a more personal experience from people who pay more attention to detail. 

  • How much do bathroom fitters charge per day?

On average, a bathroom fitter will cost anywhere between £150-£250 per day. This can vary based on the experience of your installation team and the location. For example, if you are in London, the cost is likely to be higher. 

  • How much does an old bathroom removal cost?

You may well be excited for your new bathroom to be installed, but don’t forget you will need to allow for the removal of your old suite in your budget. The price will increase with the amount you are having removed, for example, if you want the entire suite and tiles taken out. On average, it will cost between £300-£1000 for bathroom removal. 


Whilst it may be tempting to perform your bathroom installation yourself to save a pretty penny, using a reputable bathroom fitter is a more sensible option that will save you from potentially expensive fixes later down the line. Obtain multiple quotes, from recommended tradespeople, so you can compare what is being offered and work it into your budget.