Control Valve Technology – Major Brand Comparison

Control valves play a crucial role in regulating fluid flow in a wide range of industrial processes and building systems. Without these cleverly engineered devices, it would be exceptionally difficult to achieve the level of precision process control that we often take for granted.

This article will explore some of the most technologically advanced control valve products from leading manufacturers Belimo, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, and Siemens.

We’ll look at how innovations in valve design, smart actuators, and digital analytics are enabling greater efficiency, more effortless connectivity with automation systems, and valuable insights into valve and process performance.

Whether quietly optimizing flows in an office air conditioning unit or enabling a manufacturing plant to achieve complex chemical reactions, control valves are the unsung heroes that lie at the heart of so many of the engineered systems we rely on.

This article will provide an overview of some of the most ingenious modern control valve technologies that help make our built environment operate more efficiently.

Belimo Products

As a pioneer in HVAC field devices, Belimo places a strong emphasis on innovative control valve technologies that set new standards for performance and reliability. A key product range is their line of globe valves engineered specifically for precise flow control and low noise emission.

Available in a range of body materials including brass, stainless steel and PVC, Belimo globe valves feature superior metering characteristics enabled by the company’s ultra-precise plug and seat machining capabilities.

They also offer an extensive range of butterfly and ball valves optimized for tight shut-off, robustness, and high flow rates.

One of Belimo’s most unique valve innovations is their spiral-shaped Powerball actuator, patented for its ability to provide a powerful torque output in an extraordinarily compact sphere-shaped package.

This versatile actuator adapts to valves from Belimo or other manufacturers, enabling seamless retrofits. Another standout Belimo technology is PICV – Pressure Independent Control Valves – designed to provide flow control unaffected by system pressure changes, critical for balancing HVAC systems.

Belimo excels at developing valve products that integrate easily into building automation environments. Open communication standards such as BACnet, Modbus, and MP-Bus allow their smart valve actuators to optimize system efficiency and visibility when connected to a building management system.

With a focus on durable products and ease of installation, Belimo’s high-performance control valve technologies continue to set new benchmarks for quality and reliability. [1]

Honeywell Products


With over 100 years of experience developing innovative technologies that enhance building control and efficiency, Honeywell has cemented itself as a trusted provider of control valves for varied HVAC applications.

Their extensive globe, ball, and butterfly valve lineup are engineered to handle throttling, on/off, and modulating duties involving air, water, steam, oil, and chemical fluids. [2]

Advanced actuator technologies like Smart Position Transmitters enable Honeywell valves to deliver superior modulating control while monitoring valve health parameters to enable predictive maintenance. This smart actuator functionality integrates seamlessly with Honeywell building management systems to optimize overall system efficiency and visibility.

Honeywell’s unique V-ball segment valve design offers up to 100:1 turndown for precise flow control of steam or liquids. The characterized ball control valve is another Honeywell innovation, using an advanced characterized trim design that provides quick-opening flow control across a wide operating range.

With a focus on enabling smart system integration and predictive data analytics, Honeywell valves represent the future of connected, intelligent flow control components.

Their robust and compact wafer-style butterfly valves are designed for tight shutoff even in high-pressure differential applications up to 1,000 psi.

Whether for chilled water, hot water, or chemical applications, Honeywell’s broad control valve selection makes it a versatile partner for high-performance flow control and automation.

Johnson Controls Products


Johnson Controls offers an extensive portfolio of control valves and actuators for building automation under their Metasys brand. For HVAC and chilled water applications, Johnson Controls provides ball valves, butterfly valves, single- and double-seated globe valves, and rotary control valves engineered for reliability and energy-efficient flow control.

Advanced technologies like their LKX digital positioner enable intelligent valve control and diagnostics, monitoring parameters like air loss, contamination levels, and corrosion onset to optimize maintenance planning. Johnson Controls also utilizes innovative non-contact position sensors that eliminate physical moving parts for increased durability.

Another standout Johnson Controls valve is their FloMatch segmented ball valve, engineered to deliver precise flow control across a wide operating range. Seamless integration with their Metasys building management system and System Analyzer software enables centralized monitoring, control, and system optimization when using Johnson Controls intelligent control valves.

With a vast line-up of robust valve designs supplemented by smart actuator technologies, Johnson Controls offers versatile flow control solutions tailored to the needs of modern connected buildings and automation systems. [3]

Siemens Products

With over 170 years of engineering expertise, Siemens offers an extensive range of control valves and actuators engineered specifically for building automation applications.

Their control valve portfolio encompasses pneumatic and electric actuators, V-ported ball valves, butterfly valves, rotary plug valves, and intelligent positioners with advanced diagnostics capabilities. Engineered to deliver precise flow control of air, water, steam, oil, and chemical fluids, Siemens valves provide optimal noise attenuation along with durability for long service life.

Seamless integration with Siemens building automation systems allows real-time valve monitoring and data-driven predictive maintenance. One of Siemens’ most innovative offerings is their intelligent Sipart PS2 positioner which can detect issues like friction, leakage, or blocked ports and provide early warning of any need for repair.

With such smart technologies combined with proven valve designs optimized for tight shut-off, low torque actuation, and high flow capacity, Siemens offers versatile flow control solutions tailored to the automation and efficiency needs of today’s intelligent buildings. [4]

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Final Word

To conclude, leading control valve manufacturers like Belimo, Honeywell, Johnson Controls and Siemens offer a diverse range of valve designs paired with innovative smart actuator technologies to enable precise monitoring, control, and optimization of fluid flows across commercial HVAC, fire protection, and process control applications.