Can You Flush Condoms?

Can you flush condoms? God, no! It’s not illegal to actually flush them but…Condoms should end up in trash cans, not your water supply. Here’s why. What should you do with a used condom (male or female)? Throw it in a trash can or flush it down the toilet? Can you flush condoms at all? …

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Can You Flush Cat Litter?

When you own a cat, handling its litter box is an essential task. Cat owners don’t really love this part of having a pet because it’s messy and smelly. So, they are looking for ways to make this chore easier. This is why many people ask: can you flush cat litter? This practice could spare …

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Can You Flush Tampons?

Can you flush tampons? If the answer is no, how to dispose of them? What if you accidentally flush one? More than 50% of women believe flushing tampons down the toilet is a basic courtesy. That is why the sign “Do not flush feminine hygiene products down the drain” gets so easily ignored. Some females …

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