What Causes Toilet Bowl Ring

Have you noticed orange streaks in your toilet bowl? What causes toilet bowl ring anyway?! Toilet bowl rings are a persistent and annoying issue that many homeowners face. Regardless of the effort put in to clean, they often seem to linger. A lack of understanding about the cause and prevention of toilet bowl rings can

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Worms in Toilet

Did you see small worms in the toilet after you came home from vacation?  Worms in the toilet may sound like a strange and unappealing topic. Still, it is a common problem many homeowners may encounter, especially in areas with heavy rainfall and high humidity.  Even if you flush it, they may show up in

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Muriatic Acid for Toilet Cleaning

Muriatic acid is a powerful and corrosive liquid made from hydrochloric acid, water, and other trace minerals. Hydrogen chloride gas from any of several procedures is dissolved in water to produce Muriatic Acid. It is a colorless or slightly yellowish liquid with a strong odor from impurities like iron. The pH of muriatic acid ranges

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Toilet Bowl Smells Like Urine

Toilet bowl brought many good things to humanity. However, it is far from perfect and some unpleasant situations are bound to happen. One of those situations is when your toilet bowl smells like urine. Having this happen is never pretty since this is one of the grossest smells. Having this happen to you doesn’t necessarily

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