Plumbers Putty vs Silicone

You notice a water puddle underneath your sink and you run the water to see where the leak is coming from. The next thing you see is water sipping from the seal itself. Your next step is to repair the leaky sink. There is more than one sealant for this job, but which one is …

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Teflon Tape vs Thread Sealant

Before doing any plumbing job in your home, you should learn how to avoid some of the basic mistakes. Now, if you already know the plumbing system in your home and have your toolbox ready, you came to the right place! In this article, we will discuss this topic “teflon tape vs thread sealant” Learning …

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How Long Does Pex Last?

Work on your home should provide you with comfort, safety and provide everything that will bring water to your faucet, take wastewater to the sewer or provide fresh air circulation in all rooms of your home. That is why it is important to thoroughly and thoroughly research all the details about the type of material …

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Will Vinegar Hurt PVC Pipes?

Will vinegar hurt PVC pipes? How’s it different than commercial cleaning agents? Is it safe to use vinegar and baking soda to unclog pipes? Let’s find out now. Grease, food, hair, tampons, baby wipes – there are quite a few things that can clog your drains or even cause more serious problems. When a major …

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Can Pex Be Used For Air Lines?

If you are a professional who works with plumbing and sewerage installations, you have probably heard or already worked with different types of PEX [1] pipes, whether they are versions A, B, or C. This type of pipe is flexible and provides a high level of resistance to temperature extremes. If you are not a …

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Carbon Monoxide Detector Beeping

Just the thought of being poisoned by an invisible, deadly gas is probably sending shivers down your spine. In the end, this is why you’ve bought the carbon monoxide detector. So what to do when you have a carbon monoxide detector beeping? Does this necessarily mean that there is a gas leak in the house? …

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Pipe Dope vs Teflon Tape

Pipe dope vs Teflon tape – how do you know whether it is smarter to use one or the other? Truth be told – both create the liquid tightness in-between the threads when used properly.  Without the right knowledge of these types of sealants and their usage, you can face some serious damage such as …

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Can Pex Be Buried?

Although they are mounted in a complex process and might act robustly, PEX tubing is the most appreciative way to introduce installations in the building construction process. But can PEX be buried at all? A lightweight and durable polyеthylene thermoplastic with cross-links is also known as PEX. [1] If your question is whether PEX can …

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