Best Touchless Bathroom Faucet (Reviewed) in 2023

We live in the age of automatization. Not just that, but we live in an age where hygiene is of utmost importance. This is why buying the best touchless bathroom faucet has become a goal of many residents.

Touchless faucets are a great solution when you want to keep hygiene to the maximum.

How can you know which one is the best touchless bathroom faucet?

We have gathered the three best products currently on the market. Also, we have prepared a buyer’s guide, so you’ll know what to look for if you expand your search.

Best Touchless Bathroom Faucet in 2023

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1. Charmingwater  Faucet 


  • Comes with all installation parts
  • Water flow rate 2 GPM
  • Light indicator for low battery
  • Versatile


  • Quite expensive

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Charmingwater is one of the most reputable faucet manufacturers. It isn’t a surprise that the Charmingwater Automatic Sensor Touchless Bathroom Sink Faucet is on our list. This is probably the best touchless bathroom faucet when you’re looking for a luxurious product. Charmingwater ensures that all of its products are tested several times, so they can be of the best quality possible. All of their faucets follow the US plumbing standards.

This tap has an L-shape that makes it rather versatile. Whether you want to have it on the countertop or deck, it will fit. It has a modern design, making it an excellent choice for most of today’s bathrooms.

However, if you’re a fan of vintage style, this kind of faucet might not be such a good decision.

The product is made from stainless steel with a chrome finish. This keeps it rust-free and durable. The flow rate is 2 GPM, which is better than most standards. Faucet sensors are very accurate and precise. They can make a difference between real and false hand movements, so they’ll know when to turn everything on.

This way, you can save on some water. The sensor works on 4 AA batteries. In case the battery goes down, you’ll get a light indicator to let you know you should change them.

With this fixture, you’ll get all the necessary installation parts. This makes everything easier and worth the price. Keep in mind that despite this being a single-hole faucet, it includes a deck plate for three holes sink.

2. Delta Faucet 


  • Extremely durable
  • Versatile
  • Great warranty
  • Meets the ADA Standards


  • Tricky pull lever design

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Delta Faucets are yet another reputable brand with many great choices for touchless faucets. Most of their products, including this one, come with a lifetime limited warranty. This way, they are a safe choice, as you know you’re paying for quality.

The Delta Faucet Haywood 15999-SS-DST Single Hole Bathroom Faucet is manufactured with the DIAMOND Seal Technology. It is a patented design that reduces leak points.

It also makes the product durable, as it can last about twice as long compared to the industry standard. In fact, it is estimated you can use it over five million times without experiencing any problems at all. While we’re at standards, this tap meets all the ADA Standards.

You can rest assured this product is safe and high-quality.

When you order the faucet, you’ll also get InnoFlex PEX supply lines. They are integrated into the product, making it one less leaking point. This also means the installation process is as simple as can be.

In fact, the tap can fit a single-hole, as well as three-hole and four-hole configurations. This is more than enough for any standard bathroom.

The faucet has a diamond-embedded ceramic disc, also known as DIAMOND Valve.

It doesn’t require any lubrication and reduces wear on seals to a minimum. With it, you can be certain the fixture will be as good as new after many years of usage. The flow rate is 1.2 gallons per minute, which could be better but it’s quite decent.

3. HHOOMMEE Faucet


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Long-lasting batteries


  • The sensor can sometimes pick up distant movements

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HHOOMMEE is a reputable brand that doesn’t have any bad product that might hinder its name. At the same time, the brand is budget-friendly, proving that quality doesn’t have to be expensive. It meets all the US standard for plumbing requirements and is commonly used by professionals worldwide. The same can be said for HHOOMMEE Automatic Touchless Sensor Faucet Motion Activated.

This is a lightweight touchless bathroom tap that is more than great for regular use. It has a silver finish, which gives it a modern and appealing look. Again, however, this limits you if you have a vintage-looking bathroom. It has a stainless steel body, so it is rustproof and scratch-resistant.

If you have a pet, such as a cat, who loves climbing on the sink, this tap might be a good choice. The body is covered with a multi-layer chrome finish for additional protection.

The faucet has a good sensor that can pick movements ten to 18 cm distant. It uses 4 AA batteries with 6V current. These batteries can be a bit difficult to find, but they can work for up to two years. With a bit of luck, you won’t have to buy replacements for a long while.

The installation process is straightforward and you get an instruction manual. Also, all the necessary installation parts come together with the tap. The faucet comes with a deck plate, as well. This makes it suitable for both single-hole and three-hole sinks.

Another good feature of this tap is the brass water mixing valve. Brass makes it very durable, so this is one part you won’t have to think about replacing.

Why Should You Buy a Touchless Bathroom Faucet?

Regular taps do the job. So then, why should you opt to buy the best touchless bathroom faucet? There are, in fact, several advantages of touchless faucets, especially if you compare them to the classic ones. We’ll go over some of them, and see why they can be a good choice.


The first thing that comes to mind with touchless taps is that they are germ-free. You don’t need to touch the faucet with your dirty hand to start it. Without physical contact, there are fewer chances of germs and bacteria spreading around. In the era of the Coronavirus pandemic, this can be essential for many.

Easy to Use

While modern technology may seem complicated for some, the use of touchless faucets is rather easy. You don’t have to turn the handle around to turn it on. It is activated once your hand gets near the sensor.

This makes it a good choice for people with disabilities, or for young kids that can’t reach the handle. Also, touchless fixtures allow you to have better temperature control. This makes the hand-washing process much faster.

Saves Water

Touchless faucets can actually help you save water, especially compared to regular faucets. Children often forget to turn the water off when they’re done with using the sink. Some people keep the water running while brushing their teeth. There are many ways in which we spend more water than we need.

The best touchless bathroom faucet has powerful sensors that know to recognize adequate hand movements. If there aren’t any, it will stop the water from running. This can help you protect the environment at least a little bit.

In short, here is what classic tap has done better, and then you’ll see what is good about touchless ones.

Advantages of a Classic Faucet:

  • More cost-friendly
  • Affordable and easy repairs

Advantages of a Touchless Faucet:

  • Germ-free
  • A better option for people with disabilities
  • Environment-friendly
  • Better temperature controls

How to Find the Best Touchless Bathroom Faucet – Buyer’s Guide


People use the bathroom every day. The quality of bathroom products has to be top-notch. When looking for the best touches bathroom faucet, there are a few things you should be mindful of. We’ll list some of them.

Durability and Lifetime

The feature that determines the faucet’s durability is essentially the construction material. Also, some materials are more prone to sustaining heat damage over time. If you’re someone who uses hot water commonly, you should be especially mindful of the faucet’s construction material.

Some good choices are:

  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Nickel
  • Stainless steel

While all these materials are durable, most people prefer stainless steel because of its price and high quality. Keep in mind that some taps look sturdier than they actually are due to their pretty finish. Take the faucet in your hand, then see how heavy it is. Quality materials usually have a bit more heftiness.

While some materials are more expensive, they can greatly influence the faucet’s lifetime. You don’t have to waste money on something you’ll have to replace in a few years.


Touchless bathroom faucets tend to cost a bit more than regular ones. Since you’re already paying more, you probably don’t want to have to replace the batteries every few months. It would also be a nuisance if every little touch can make scratches on the fixture. Try searching for the faucet that requires little to no maintenance.

Read about the battery life and the finish type. Chrome finishes are usually scratch resistant and thus make a good choice.


No one likes a faucet that isn’t powerful enough. Just think about how annoying it is when you have a weak stream in the middle of brushing teeth! While it’s hard to know just how powerful the sink is, try reading reviews.

Note that many different factors, such as water pressure, can influence the stream strength. However, some taps are naturally more powerful than others.

Temperature Controls

The mixing valve controls the temperature of the water that runs from the faucet. You can set it at your desired temperature and just leave it like that. This is yet another great option for people with children that can get burned on hot water. Even after you’ve turned the tap off, it will remember the temperature you left it at.

This is really helpful, as you don’t have to look for an adequate temperature every time.

Bottom Line

In the time of a global pandemic, everyone could have use of the touchless bathroom tap. They are germ-free, easier to use and help you save water. They are also an excellent choice for families with little children or for people with disabilities.

What makes the best touchless bathroom faucet depends on the person. Think about your requirements and what might work the best for you. There are many great products out there, and we hope we have helped you narrow the search.