Best Luxury Shower Heads

Are you looking for the best luxury shower head?

The morning shower can be a truly transformative experience. We all feel better after warm water splashes our bodies.

A shower can make you feel brand new after a long day of work or a little better when you’re sick.  Being able to clean ourselves regularly has greatly improved our living standards and well-being.

We have travelled a long way since the shower became widely available to the general public, a century ago. Now we can choose between hundreds of shower fixtures, with various shower heads that make the experience more enjoyable.

If the daily shower is where you pull your energy and good mood from, it is definitely worth investing in a luxury shower head. The following products we have reviewed provide amazing features that you will absolutely love!

Our Choice for Best Luxury Shower Heads


1.Premium: Sun Rise  Shower Head

Sun Rie stands out as a luxury product from the first time you see it due to its special beads. These beads located in the shower head function as a double filter system to make water cleaner. The pure water enables you to enjoy softer skin and hair.


  • Softening your skin even if water is hard in your area;
  • Getting amazing pressure even if the bathroom is far from the hot water tank;
  • Feels like standing near a waterfall;
  • Still looks new after several months of regular use;
  • Excellent quality/price ratio.


  • A little high maintenance as you probably need to change the beads monthly if you live in an area with hard water;
  • Can increase water pressure more than some users expect;
  • Some users complained about the shower head falling apart due to high water pressure.

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Other features that make the Luxsego shower head a top product are:

  • High pressure and water saving

The shower head uses micro-nozzle technology which means that outlet holes are smaller and denser, increasing speed of the water flow. The water pressure is two times higher compared to a typical shower head, while the water saving percentage reaches 30.

  • Different spray settings

You can choose between rainfall, jetting, and massage. This means that the shower head can easily adapt to different needs, such as adults, kids, and pets.

  • Simple installation

You don’t need plumbing tools to install this product, as its general size G1/2” matches any standard shower arm. The product comes with a complementary Teflon tape to prevent leakage – just use it as instructed during installation.

  • Durability

The solid build of the Luxsego shower head prevents leaks and makes it easy to disassemble the product for cleaning. The shower bracket is made of resilient ABS material, while the adjustable joint is made of brass.

Excellent flexibility and durability are ensured by the outer pipe that is made of stainless steel. The inner pipe is made of nylon and steel wire.

  • Ensuring a true spa experience

Even if you live in an area where the water pressure is low, you can enjoy an advanced showering experience due to this product’s outstanding features.

2.Budget: Rainfall High Pressure Shower Head


  • The flow is perfect and will impress your guests;
  • Suitable for taller people as they can adjust the shower head at a comfortable level;
  • Sprays water straight down and not against the shower curtain;
  • Requires little maintenance work as it does not have filtration systems;
  • Looks very exquisite at an affordable price.


  • The product can increase water consumption;
  • It is made of plastic, an aspect that can leave some customers unsatisfied;
  • Some customers have complained about leaks in this shower head;
  • Intensive use can lead to damage within months.

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The Rainfall High Pressure shower head will be your favorite if you like products with an elegant, clean design. It may look like a typical shower head, but the quality build and its features make the difference:

  • Rain shower head

This full spray pattern system ensures complete body coverage and prevents flow gaps.

  • Easy installation

Use your hand only to tighten the shower head to the pipe, using sealant tape and removable water restrictor.

  • Multiple positions

This feature is probably one of the most important in the Rainfall Shower Head. The extension arm makes possible multiple positions with the 6 rotating joints pivoting into different self-locking positions. Moreover, it is possible to swivel, turn, and rotate the shower head.

  • Spa experience

Even if you are dealing with low water pressure, you can enjoy a full spa experience due to this powerful shower head. Water flows through 109 nozzles, covering your entire body.

  • Durability

The product has a heavy-duty construction with 1” thick shower arm.

  • Self-cleaning

The anti-clogging silicone jets prevent lime and hard water deposits. This makes maintenance easy, ensuring a continuous quality shower experience.

  • Extended warranty

The Rainfall shower head comes with a 10-year warranty.

3.Best value for money: Couradric Handheld Shower Head


  • No problems with leaking;
  • Providing multiple features at an affordable price;
  • Lack of water stains even if you have hard water in your area;
  • The hose is long enough to clean your shower;
  • Provides a significant upgrade to your shower at affordable costs.


  • May not provide very high pressure;
  • The hose is stainless steel color and will not match the color of the sprayer head;
  • It looks like metal but in fact is it made of plastic, which can disappoint some users.

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This shower head comes at an average price while providing the most desired features in this type of product. Here is what you should know about this showering option:

  • Has six spray settings

Those who like variety will appreciate Couradric’s six different spray settings: bubbling rain, power rain, bubbling water, pulsating massage, shampoo rinsing, and water saving.

  • Great aesthetics

Couradric looks like a luxury product because it is one! Unlike most products in its category, this shower head is made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, a quality thermoplastic used in home appliances. The product uses high purity and strong ABS materials that ensure an increased level of security and health.

  • Available in three color schemes

You can choose between brushed nickel, chrome, and oil-rubbed bronze so the shower head suits your bathroom aesthetics and creates an elegant look.

  • Self-cleaning

Couradric will continue to look excellent after prolonged use without your intervention. The shower head has 48 self-cleaning nozzles that prevent minerals in water to accumulate and cause blockages. It’s way better than regular shower that you need to clean often.

  • Environmentally-friendly

Use the water limiter to reduce water consumption and lower your environmental impact.

  • Easy to install

No need for plumber tools to install this exquisite shower head. In a couple of minutes, you can enjoy your spa experience at home.

  • Technical support

By purchasing the shower head from a distributor authorized by Couradric you will benefit from professional customer service.

What to look for in a luxury shower head – Buyer’s guide


Looking for the perfect products that will ensure an invigorating stream of water? The matter is not so simple. There are multiple aspects to look at. Not only do you want a product that comes with different features. At the same time, you need to choose a shower head that will stand the test of time.

Here are the main things to consider when looking for a new shower head:

  1. Material and finish

Most shower heads are made from plastic, but quality varies. Look for finishes that match your bathroom style and at the same time are rust-resistant.

  1. Type


The two main categories of shower heads include handheld showers and rain showers. The former is a handheld model that you can use to focus the spray on the desired body part. The latter has a large head and provides a flow flowing on your head.

If you can’t decide for one model, choose a dual shower head. The product looks like a shower head but it can be pulled out for use as a wand.

  1. Functions


Many customers these days are looking for shower heads with massage or spray pattern. These shower heads ensure complete relaxation through functions like pulse, rain, jet, mist or aeration.

Do you prefer a soft water mist or vigorous massage? Find out what features your next shower head provides if you want to be satisfied with the product’s performance. Not all spray patterns are as convenient as expected.

    1. Water efficiency

Showers account for almost 1.2 trillion gallons of water used in the US. That is one sixth of all water used for bathing. Shower heads have been limited to 2 ½ gallons per minute in 1994. Before that, showerheads had an average flow rate of 5 ½ gallons per minute.

This means that shower heads are already limited to a certain amount. However, there are models that go further than the standard while still providing a good showering experience. So, it’s worth reading the flow rate, which can be found in product instructions.

  1. Self cleaning

Don’t you hate it when you have to disassemble your shower head to soak it in vinegar or other chemicals? The mineral and dirt deposits can become a thing of the past if you choose a model that cleans itself. The latest models use nano-coatings to destroy dirt.


  1. Price


A luxury shower head these days should have a competitive price. You don’t need to spend top dollar to get a good performer. Established shower fixture manufacturers are able to provide excellent quality at affordable prices. It is possible for a less expensive model to perform better than one that costs even five times more.

  1. Installation

Replacing a shower head should be a DIY project. The process should consist of:

  • Unscrewing the old shower head;
  • Removing old plumber’s tape from the shower arm;
  • Applying fresh plumber’s tape over the threads;
  • Screwing the new showerhead tightly in place.

Avoid products that require complicated plumbing alterations, unless you are installing a full shower system.

  1. Warranty

Some brands may require you to purchase the product from an authorized seller in order to benefit from warranty. If anything goes wrong it is nice to be able to get your money back.

Benefits of using a luxury shower head

Are luxury shower heads worth the extra money? We think they are.  Here are some benefits you will enjoy by upgrading your shower experience:

  • Reducing water waste

There are two reasons to reduce water consumption: lowering your environmental impact and smaller bills. Both are worth the effort of buying a shower head with a water restrictor.

  • Durability and saving money

Cheap products have a higher chance of breaking or malfunctioning. Replacing the showerhead frequently costs you more on the long-term comparing to purchasing a quality product from the beginning.

  • Improving water pressure

A quality shower head can make the difference between a poor showering experience and a power wash. The best models allow you to choose your desired pressure. This means that every member of the family is happy with the shower, including children.

  • Investing in your well-being and comfort

Feeling comfortable and relaxed makes you healthier and more productive. The shower is a daily experience and has a considerable impact on your quality of life. Why not make it as enjoyable as possible? These showers are an indispensable part of luxury homes.

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So, what is the best luxury shower head?

All three products reviewed, premium, budget, and best value for money, will surely upgrade your daily shower to a genuine spa experience.

The choice depends on your budget and preferences. A luxury shower head can cost your more money upfront but will save you bucks on water bills. More important than anything, it will ensure a pleasant shower each day. Why not pamper yourself while also being more effective?