Best Generator For Sump Pump in 2024

Providing a backup option such as a portable generator is essential for homes prone to flooding. The ideal generator must provide adequate surge power to start the sump pump, usually around 2,000 watts. But what can be the best generator for sump pump in 2024?

It’s important to consider different factors such as power output, cost-effectiveness, functionality, ease of use, longevity, efficiency, and portability when choosing a generator.

For those in need of a sturdy and reliable power source, portable generators come as a reassuring solution, ensuring that sump pumps continue operating even in severe power outages.

These generators are built to be rugged, with some models featuring a large fuel capacity for extended run times and sophisticated engines for efficient operation.

The main features that we compared in our research include  fuel efficiency, ease of maintenance, safety, price and the ability to withstand heavy use.

Here is what we selected!

Best Generator For Sump Pump


With a lot of available generators out there, it can be difficult to choose which one to go for. That’s why we’ll list out three options that we considered the best on the market today. Keep in mind that the following list will mix up all of the available types of generators.

1. Best Overall – Westinghouse WGen 7500


Westinghouse’s WGen7500 is a substantial supply choice for sump pump powering as well as for those needing a sturdy power supply for construction, farming, or industrial tasks. It generates a peak of 9,500 watts thanks to a robust 420cc OHV engine known for its efficiency and dependability. [1]

This generator provides up to 11 hours of runtime from a 6.6-gallon tank.

The structure is built with cast iron and high-quality polymers, yielding a durable yet not overly heavy machine. Maintenance is simplified with a battery designed to be maintenance-free, an oil level auto-shutdown feature, and a digital hour meter for tracking fuel use.

Safety-wise, it includes two ground fault circuits and is backed by a three-year warranty. While it tends to be louder, the advantages such as the large fuel tank, durability, and energy efficiency make the Westinghouse WGen7500 a powerhouse worthy of consideration as an option for sump pump generator.

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 2. Best Small Generator – Watchdog Battery


This sump pump backup generator is made to endure both in terms of time and dangers around it. With the longer run time, the Basement Watchdog batteries can act as a perfect way to provide extra energy for the continuous running of the sump pump.

Their unique construction provides longevity that’s appreciated no matter the place where we end up applying them. The maximum charge will be kept for quite a while and maintain the health of our item.

The Basement Watchdog AGM battery requires very little maintenance too. This simplicity does make the system much easier to run. Which does make our job a lot easier as we won’t run into unexpected malfunction due to skipped maintenances.

That doesn’t mean you should never check up on them, but they definitely won’t need you to take a glance too often.

The batteries are also included with the item, meaning there won’t be that extra price to include into our budgeting.


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3. Best Backup Generator For Sump Pump – 822 PS – Our Pick!


Some generators are kept exclusively as backup, its function usually tied to the sump pump directly rather than offering a wider power generation for the household. They are often compact, even more so than regular small generators for sump pump.

822PS Sump Pump Backup System is our example of such an item. The system will automatically switch between AC and battery depending on which one’s available to it. That means immediate shifts without any time being lost when outages happen.

It is intended as a reliable and durable generator. Most of the damage that could otherwise disable or break the generator will be resisted by this item.

This system can even be wall mounted for extra convenience, taking up no space in the sump pit or around it. The installation won’t take long either. The item requires no extra wiring or plumbing, only asking for you to connect it to the corresponding sump pump to get it up and running.

The longevity of the item is reinforced with the 2 year warranty the item provides. That means whole two expected years of a fully functional experience. No matter the intensity of the weather, you’ll have a sump pump working as it should.

822PS Sump Pump Backup System will start recharging as soon as the power is back on. With that, you have even less to worry about when integrating this item into your household. Simply connect it to the sump pump and let it charge itself, providing backup when needed before going back to being recharged.

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Bottom Line

Picking out the correct generator is important. We need to know what sort of wattage our sump pump requires. Additionally, knowing what type of generator fits our needs the best is the best way to optimize our cash and space.

While most sump pumps of ⅓ hp power or more will do fine clearing our basement of flood water, we still need to make sure it’s properly supplied with electric energy.

Our sump pump cannot perform well without it so it’s important. Don’t neglect the difference between surge power and running power, it’s an important detail for any interaction between a generator and sump pump.

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