Best Garbage Disposal 2020 ( Complete Review)

Is your garbage disposal worn out already? Or, maybe you never used garbage disposal? No matter of the answer, we are here today to give you a couple of hints about the best garbage disposal for your home.
Even though such a purchase doesn’t seem like a big deal, finding the right product for yours and your family’s needs can be a challenge if you are not so familiar with garbage disposals in general.

After all, why would you waste your time reading numerous forms and customers’ reviews?

This can take you to a magical labyrinth of garbage disposals.
We deeply reviewed tons of such products to find which ones are the best.

This article is a summary of previous research that lasted for a couple of weeks.

If you don’t find the best garbage disposal for your home’s needs here, we are assuring you that you won’t find it anywhere else!
So, let’s start!

Best Garbage Disposal : 5 Top-Notch Products

No matter if you are experienced with garbage disposals or don’t have a clue about specific features to look for in such unit, the following reviews will make it clear why each of the garbage disposals we are about to discuss deserves the title of the best garbage disposal.

1. Badger Food Waste Disposer ½ HP Continuous Feed by InSinkErator  :  SMALL HOMES PICK

Sometimes purchasing a product from a reliable and famous brand can prevent headaches.

InSinkErator is a familiar garbage disposal manufacturer.

For almost 8 decades now, InSinkErator is producing the best garbage disposals according to the opinions of many.
These guys know how to meet the need of any home.

Speaking of that, they designed the Badger series for average to small homes.

Yet, they never compromise on quality no matter of the capacity requirements.
The Badger series garbage disposals are sturdy, durable, and provide great strength.

Each unit from this series comes with a ½ Dura-Drive mechanism, which proved to be highly efficient.

If you use it properly, you can count on years of use.
Speaking of speed, this unit provides 1725 rpm, which is more than enough for average grinding needs.

However, even though it works great with soft fibers and usually waste, bones and eggshells may not be the best option to throw into this garbage disposal.

If you live in a small apartment/home and don’t have the need to grind tough food waste, the Badger 5 unit will be more than enough.

What is more – you will be surprised by its durability and reasonable pricing.

Additionally, many customers love the fact they can install it by themselves.

  • Perfect for use in smaller homes
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • 2-year warranty
  • Can get a bit noisy with time
  • Lack of the capacity of grinding bones, eggshells, and fibrous materials

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2. L8000 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord by Waste King  : SMASH PICK

Just as its name of this manufacturer suggests, Waste King is truly a king of garbage disposals.

Unbelievable 2800 rpm of power can smash any type of food you put in it – even bones!


That means – it may be a trick to find something the Waste King disposal can’t handle.
Yet, don’t let this confuse you in regards of noise, as Waste King manufactures motors that produce less noise than induction motors.

Also, they reach maximum speed in seconds and are ready to go as much as you need them.
You probably already know stainless steel has no competition.

Waste King designs their garbage disposals’ components of durable steel, which is the key to their durability and capacity range.
The Waste King L8000 indeed is the best garbage disposal according to millions of happy users.

However, there is a common misconception about its price.
When you take into consideration its strength, durability, and construction, you may be thinking it costs a whole fortune.

Surprise, surprise!

The price of the Waste King L8000 will make you fall in love with the product even more.
As a cherry to the top, Waste King gives a lifetime limited in-home warranty for all of their products, including the L8000 garbage disposal.

  • 2800 rpm power of this unit smashes anything you put in it, even bones
  • Durable, stainless steel construction
  • Simple to install
  • Great capacity
  • Comes at an affordable price regarding its numerous features
  • Not suitable for smaller spaces

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3. GXS75C GX Garbage Disposal by Moen : MOST POWERFUL MOTOR PICK

Does Moen sound familiar?

Of course, it does, as these guys manufacture and sell some of the best faucets on the market.

Yet, they decided to extend their assortment to waste disposal scene.

Even though they are relatively new in this area, they achieved remarkable results in a very short period.
Their GX75C is a powerful unit with a 3-bolt assembly, which makes this motor one of the most powerful on the market.

It grinds any food scraps that come to it.
Many garbage disposals are prone to jamming, which is not the case with the GX75C, as Moen built a permanent magnet motor with 2700 rpm with an anti-jamming mechanism.
The unit is easy to install as well, even though you may have some wiring to do.

The only thing that may bother you as a customer is the noise.
Not everybody complains about this, but if you are having a baby, this can be a bit of an issue.
GX75 has a 5-year period covered with warranty, which is more than solid.
All things considered, the Moen GX75C still deserves the title of the best garbage disposal as it is well-equipped and comes with some cool features.

  • One of the most powerful garbage disposals’ motors on the market
  • Removable cord
  • Easy to install
  • 5-year warranty
  • Noisy

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4. GC2000XE ½ HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal by Whirlpool : BEST BRAND PICK

The worldwide famous brand of home appliances, Whirlpool manufactured a couple of series of garbage disposals.

However, the GC2000XE model has appeared as the most quality one.
This unit is perfect for small homes and small budgets.

Yet, it still provides a continuous feed type dispose of.

Made of galvanized and stainless steel, the GC2000XE processes any food without any jamming.
It cuts those fibers and bones so easily that your drain would never get clogged.

The key here is in the overload protector with a built-in manual reset that ensures nothing comes in its way.
Similarly to a couple of above-mentioned models, the GC2000XE can get a little noisy at the times, but hey – it’s nothing so nasty.

This garbage disposal is easy to install.


Its average lifespan is about 10 years, even though some of the customers we interviewed claimed the GC2000XE served them for more than 15 years.

  • Made of stainless and galvanized steel
  • The built-in mechanism prevents clogging
  • Takes 5 minutes to install
  • Long lifespan
  • Can get a bit noisy

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5. KCDB250G ½ HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal by Kitchen Aid  : QUIET YET POWERFUL PICK

Kitchen Aid designed a product which makes disposing of food so easy and quick.

Their KCDB250G model has a powerful 1725 rpm motor, which ensures the food doesn’t get stuck somewhere in the process.
The key is in the continuous feed as well.

You won’t have to waste your time on unclogging things right after a family lunch.

Instead, the KCDB250G does all the cleanup for you.
Besides effective grinding feature, this unit is connected to an electrical switch that ensures smooth operation.

You can manually reset it optionally.
Among all of the garbage disposals on the market, this one doesn’t make noise, which is a major plus and the reason the KCDB250G has millions of fans across the world.
This garbage disposal does its work in a few seconds only, so you won’t even notice it is there!

Also, you can watch TV without making an effort to understand what they are saying, as this unit comes with the quietest motor among many garbage disposals.

  • Relatively powerful motor – 1725 rpm
  • Continuous feed
  • Manual reset
  • Makes much less noise than similar units
  • Make sure not to put bones or fibrous materials into the unit

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Our Choice for Best Garbage Disposal

No doubt all of the units we reviewed through the article deliver high quality and do the job more than efficiently.

While picking the top 5 best garbage disposals for our list, we took a couple of factors in mind:

• Motor,
• Is the unit easy to install,
• Is it noisy,
• Components’ durability,
• Warranty period,
• Price.

Combining all these factors into one, single product, the L8000 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord by Waste King stands out as the best garbage disposal among these 5 quality picks.

It has a truly powerful 2800 rpm motor, handles anything you put in it, doesn’t jam, and is made of durable, stainless steel components.

However, we also care about the budget, and we believe you do as well.

In this case, this is a reason more to go for the L8000 unit by Waste King.

Final Word

Our goal when we were writing this article in mind was clear – to help you find the best garbage disposal for your home.

We strived for providing unbiased information about each unit so that you can know what to count on if you decide to purchase an item from our list.

There was no need to go in depth of garbage disposals, as we guess you care about the features the most.

Knowing the pros and cons of the reviewed garbage disposals in this article, you will be able to determine which one meets your kitchen’s need best.

Once more, we advise you to check on each unit twice and compare it to the existing one in your home if you are using or, while it would be best to ask a professional for a piece of advice if you haven’t used garbage disposals before.

Either way, we encourage you to pick one of the above-mentioned units.
We hope that you find best garbage disposal for your needs 😉